What Happened to My Healthy Eater?

I thought I was one of the lucky ones.  After the picky toddler stage, my son had turned into a really good eater.  He would gobble up fruit at breakfast, at snack time he would enjoy and apple or banana while other kids were eating chips or gummy fruit snacks, and after dinner he would clean his plate of broccoli, cauliflower, or carrots.  He even liked asparagus. We had one rule about food – just try one bite, if you don’t like it, you can spit it out.  Food rarely was spit out.

I would listen to my friends talk about their kids who wouldn’t touch anything that wasn’t a chicken nugget or mac ‘n cheese and wipe my brow as if I had dodged a bullet.  Last year, in 5th grade health class, the children studied the benefits of healthy eating and after school he would come home looking for carrot or celery sticks to dip into white bean hummus, or organic peanut butter to slather on whole wheat toast.  When he told me that he was one of the only kids who would eat the salad in the school lunch I beamed with delight.  Ok, I admit it. I was a teeny bit smug.

But since he’s started middle school, everything has changed.

Now he comes home looking for OREOS and DORITOS and wants to drink something called SPARKLING ICE.  At the grocery store he pleads for CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH and (I can barely even say the words…) POP TARTS.

Who kidnapped our healthy eater wand replaced him with a junk food junkie?

I suppose this is just part of the tween/teen desire to fit in with his peers.  And let’s face it, Doritos do taste pretty darn good. So I researched the Sparkling Ice, and it’s not THAT bad.  And I’ll buy one package of Oreos every week because…hey, we all like an Oreo once in awhile. And Cinnamon Toast crunch was on sale….I did draw the line at Pop Tarts, though.

Moderation is the new buzzword.

Yes, he still eats fruits and veggies, although with less enthusiasm than Doritos, but I’ll take what I can get.



2 thoughts on “What Happened to My Healthy Eater?

  1. Oh, the Pop Tarts! I remember when I discovered those in college… I was like, where have you been all my life! But you’re 100% right on- moderation is the key (to pretty much everything!) I don’t want to totally outright ban something so that the kids think of food as “bad” but, at certain times and at certain amounts, everything in moderation pleases everyone!


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