She Writes the Songs


I love six. I love what six-year olds can do. They are so creative and unhindered. They make up their own jokes, they tell “secrets”, and they draw the most imaginative pictures. But the thing I like the best about my daughter’s six-year old self: she writes songs. Yes, you heard me; I think I have the next Taylor Swift on my hands.

It’s the writing part that impresses me.  In our house, getting homework done is like pulling teeth. Usually, it’s done at night after dinner when everyone is tired. Not ideal, but it’s when we can get it done. My daughter fights us when it’s time to do math and especially when it’s time to write her 3 sentences a week. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve banged my forehead and said “OMG! It’s only 3 sentences!!!”  I was starting to worry that she was never going to get the hang of sentences and words. Then the other day, she sat there working in her notebook. I asked her what she was drawing. She promptly told me she wasn’t drawing. She was writing a song. Well, color me intrigued.

She’s been singing little ditties since I can remember, so I was expecting a whole bunch of nonsense, possibly a Twinkle Little Star/Itsy Bitsy Spider mash-up. But what she proudly showed me was pure awesome sauce. Here, look for yourself:

You'll say you knew her when.
You’ll say you knew her when.

For those of you who don’t read 6-year old, here’s what she wrote:

I’m so over you I can’t believe I know someone for me

You are the champion of the world.

No one can replace you

Nothing can do anything

I know everyone I know.

Pure genius, right? And the best part? She wrote it about me. I can so relate to the part about being the champion of the world.

I have always tried to expose her to all kinds of music but let’s face it, I’m a fan of peppy music that I can bop to. So, she hears a lot of (kid appropriate) pop music. I didn’t realize how much of those lyrics she absorbed (“I’m so over you”? WHAT?).

I just find it so amazing that not even a year ago, this child barely knew how to read and now she can put words together on paper and make a song out of it. Sometimes, if I’m super lucky, she will pick up her toy guitar and jam on it as she sings.

Before I had a child of my own, I worried that once my baby turned into a big kid I wouldn’t be able to relate to her. That I would feel awkward and not know what to do with her. To me, babies are easy. They love me and laugh at my jokes. But big kids? I’m totally intimidated by them. Mostly because I think they’re smarter than me. But the more I learn about MY big kid, the more I love her. I’m not sure what I was worried about.  This kid is amazing.  I can’t wait for her next big hit.

She can use this picture when she's famous and shoots the video for her "Thank you for supporting me Mom" song. Photo: K. Stevenson Selfie Collection.
She can use this picture when she’s famous and shoots the video for her “Thank you for supporting me Mom” song.
Photo: K. Stevenson Selfie Collection.


3 comments on “She Writes the Songs”

  1. Oh, Kriste. I love this beyond words. I think about the next few years with my daughter and I always wonder what kind of stuff they do. This is great! And of course I always love your sense of humor … you are indeed the champion of the world.

  2. LOVE!! How wonderful that she’s making up her own songs – that must fill your heart with so much joy. Also, I know what you mean about worrying that you won’t relate to your kid as they get past the baby/toddler stage, I worry about that too so I’m glad to know you experience the opposite. 🙂

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