Things That Don’t Suck

This past weekend I was determined to potty train my son. We have tried unsuccessfully many times but this time I was resolute: No more diapers. I made sure we didn’t have any plans and didn’t have to leave the house for any reason. This was necessary in order to allow him to run around in just his little Spiderman undies. What I didn’t think about was the reality of being stuck in the house for two days straight. To make things worse, Hub had to work all weekend. This meant it was me – alone – with a 3 year old and a 9 month old. Did I mention the 9 month old had a miserable cold and is the midst of teething? Did I mention it was Daylight Savings Time and my days started at 4:45am? Did I mention it was too cold to go outside? I know what you’re thinking – suck it up girl, it’s only two days. You’re right, but let me tell you, those were the longest two days of my freakin life. I will leave all the gross, stinky details to your imagination. While trying to keep things in perspective, I’ve come to realize that not everything was horrible about that long, long (long) weekend. So let me share with you a few things that did not suck:


Down time. It was few and far between, but throughout the day there were a few minutes when both boys would sit on my lap and cuddle. There’s something so comforting about having my arms around both of my boys at the same time. It kind of makes everything ok.


The pride Jack felt when potty training was going well. “Are you so proud of me, Mom?! Am I really, really awesome?” I love that it is important for him to know I am proud and think he’s really, really awesome. I hope my opinion of him always means that much to him.


My slow cooker. The house smelled like lemon, thyme and rosemary for most of Sunday. It’s so nice and cozy to have the house filled with those aromas on a cold Fall day. I can’t say the end result was that great, but this list is about the things that didn’t suck, right? (Note to self: don’t attempt a whole chicken in the slow cooker again)


The moments I got to peek in on my sleeping baby. My little one takes naps at daycare 5 days a week, so when I get the opportunity to sneak into his room and look at his precious little face, I take it. I can’t think of anything sweeter than watching my baby sleep.



Feeling of empowerment. I spent the weekend in the house with my boys and not only survived (which was questionable at times) but kept them clean, fed, safe, and entertained. The house didn’t fall apart, so there was that too. It was one of those “I CAN do this” moments.


Coffee. Strong, hot, black coffee. All. Day. Long. I added a little bit of cinnamon and nutmeg to the grounds (a little trick I learned from a fellow-blogger) and it was fabulous.


Quality time. Most weekends we are running around doing errands, going to birthday parties, family get-togethers, play-dates, etc. It is very rare that I actually sit down with Jack for any length of time. This weekend we took out the constriction paper, some crayons, and sat down and drew pictures together. I was so impressed with the progress he’s made in the last few months in terms of his hand control, and was blown away when he actually wrote his name. (Major mom guilt! How did I not know he could do that?)


Gratitude. Sunday night Hub acknowledged how hard the weekend must’ve been for me and thanked me for taking care of the kids and taking on the potty training task. He offered to watch the boys the following night so I could go out and have some alone time. Now, I’m not sure if he was expecting me to say “Awww, thanks for recognizing my effort but I don’t need any time away from you guys” however I jumped at the opportunity and went to a little wine bar down the street and had a couple glasses of a nice Italian cabernet sauvignon and a wonderful dinner. By myself. (What’s that? Wine is half price on Mondays? Sure I’ll have another!)


So, despite the chaos, these are the things I will remember about this past weekend. It’s all about keeping things in perspective and appreciating the things that don’t suck.



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