Awkward Family Photos

My Fam (minus Mom the photographer) nailing the Awkward Family Photo.
My Fam (minus Mom the photographer) nailing the Awkward Family Photo.

Ever since my second son was born at the beginning of this year, I’ve been dying to get professional family photos taken. You know the ones I’m talking about: Mom, Dad, and kids all in classically generic poses, beaming at the camera, dressed embarrassingly alike. Yeah, I wanted that, in all of its cheesy glory. So for months, I planned. I picked out coordinating (but not identical) preppy little outfits for the boys (aren’t little sweater vests the cutest?). I found the perfect photographer, perfect location, and chose the perfect autumn day. I even bought the picture frames I was going to put the pictures in. These were going to be the best family photos ever! The morning of our photo shoot I talked to my three year old about what we were going to do, we practiced our smiles, and he was very excited about the whole idea.


We arrived at the park (just as it started raining) and suddenly my three year old decided not to cooperate. Sure, he knew how to smile for the camera (he does it all the time), he knew how to say “cheeeese!” but for whatever preposterous reason, he flat out refused. Ok. Deep breath. So I reasoned with him: “Honey, I understand that you’re not in a good mood right now and that’s ok, but just smile one time for Mommy, ok?” Nope.


I tickled him.


I said funny words (since when does “poop” not elicit a grin? Or at least a smirk, c’mon!)


I bribed.


I begged.


I pleaded.


I physically forced his little mouth into a smiling position (because that would have made an excellent picture.)


The kid was just not havin it. To add to the frustration, my always-happy, always-smiling baby was completely agitated and wanted nothing to do with the situation.


After many (many) desperate attempts, Hub and I finally threw in the towel and called it. Alas, the Hendrickson Family Portrait was not meant to be. At least not the one that would be proudly displayed in the living room. Perhaps one may show up on the internet in an ironic sense? Whatever the case, my intention of getting that adorable family photo failed miserably. I’m sure one day I’ll look back at this and laugh. But not quite yet. I need a little longer to wallow in my self-pity. However, while I’m sitting here pouting, please sit back and enjoy some of these fabulously awkward family photos….

Jack's beautiful blue eyes
Jack’s beautiful blue eyes
Justus's beautiful blue eyes
Justus’s beautiful blue eyes
Jack frolicking in the leaves
Jack frolicking in the leaves
Trying to get his entire head in his shirt.
Trying to get his entire head in his shirt.
I'm pretty sure I'm threatening him here.
I’m pretty sure I’m threatening him here.
The blank stare.  (Can you see what's going on in my head?)
The blank stare. (Can you see what’s going on in my head?)
If I wasn't laughing, I'd be crying.
If I wasn’t laughing, I’d be crying.


8 comments on “Awkward Family Photos”

  1. Confession: I throw away all family photo Christmas cards I receive in the mail. I keep them for awhile but after the holidays, in the garbage they go. Except for one I got last year ~ it was a compilation of pictures and in one the 5 year old had his arms crossed and was winking and the other kidlets were doing their kid stuff. There was another picture of the couple doing a selfie. It was my FAVORITE Christmas card ever because all their personalities were captured on film and it was REAL. I still have that card and smile every time I come across it. I think if you sent a Christmas card with a compilations of the ones you have (that bottom one is beauitful!) it would be everyone’s favorite! (I’ll be sure to send you my address.) 😉

  2. Oh my! Sending you some “I get you” love. Last year we purchased a portrait studio package on groupon just so we knew exactly how much money we’d be out if it flopped. We were lucky when the shoot was cancelled mid-session because the light bulbs blew and no one knew how to replace them. At least this time we weren’t the reason it failed (but we have been before).

  3. HAHA!! I am so sorry, but I promise you, you will look back on these when the boys are in high school and laugh so hard. And the pictures are STILL adorable even with the pouty faces. We haven’t had a family photo in literally years because I’m still not over the trauma of the first one, hahahahhaha…

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