I was kind of stuck on what to write about this week. Sometimes everything feels busy, crazy, and chaotic … although a post usually springs from that! But it was pretty mellow week, all things considered. I’ve been loving the weather, pulling thin jackets and down vests out of storage, collecting leaves with my daughter, and going on hikes. My husband has been winterizing the house (which involves putting plastic on the windows, a new snowblower, and a build-it-yourself shed within which to store said snowblower). If I was a good humorist I would be able to whip up a funny post about how the directions said it would take about one hour – plus or minus – to build this little shed. Six hours, a headlamp to work into the evening hours, and a trip to Lowe’s later and I think it’s nearing completion. I haven’t gone near it or asked many questions about it.

Shed-In-A-Box aka The Beast
Shed-In-A-Box aka The Beast

Fall also has a way of triggering memories, making me a little introspective. Not necessarily sad, but, emotional I guess. Anyway, as I was sitting here thinking of a topic to knock your socks off, I realized that this week is my one-year blogiversary, as well as my birthday. And this year has been a doozy. But isn’t every year?! So many changes, accomplishments, losses. Not only for myself, but also for my friends and family. I love that I’ve been able to write alongside the other women with CT Working Moms, to share my everyday experiences, as well as the big stuff. And I appreciate anyone who may have read (or even scanned) any of my posts, and especially those that have shared. I’m certainly no professional writer, but enjoy what I’m doing here. We all have a story to share, no matter what outlet we happen to use. So moms, keep on sharing your stories. I enjoy hearing about what other parents are doing, whether it’s something I read it on a mom-blog or it’s in conversation.

I finally feel good about myself, my choices, and the course my life is on. It took a long time and some stinging losses to get to this place, but there’s so much gratitude in being able to look back and be OK with who I am. And who knows what the next year brings – it could put me on my head. But I’m going into it with a good attitude, a warm house, and a slowblown walkway.

6 thoughts on “Blogiversary

  1. Hey! Happy blogiversary! It’s been a year already – wow!! So happy to have you here with us. You are always so great about writing truthfully about your life and I love reading everything you post. Thank YOU!


  2. Yep, Tara, you nailed it: everyone has a story, and that’s what’s so great about this site. We may write about similar topics but we all have different experiences and different opinions and I love it. And happy blogiversary and happy birthday!


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