4 Things I'm Loving Right Now


1. Rent the Runway

Clearly I have a thing for lace…

You’ve heard of this, yes? If not, please go check it out immediately. And do not let the supermodels on the homepage scare you off, you are in the right place! In sum, this website allows you to rent designer dresses.  They offer a wide range of prices, starting right around $35, and a wide range of sizes (with more being added all the time).  I spend a good 80% of my life feeling frumpy and unfashionable, so when those RTR boxes arrive at my house there may actually be a squeal or two.  What mom doesn’t need a chance to get glammed up and feel pretty once in a while?!

2. Treat

I love to send cards.  I used to have a stack that sat by my computer earmarked well in advance of birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.  Needless to say, that has fallen a wee bit by the wayside (ie: I barely remember to get a card for MY anniversary, nevermind anyone else’s).  Enter the beautiful convenience of Treat.  Three clicks and a card is sent! My fave is the reminder feature, alerting me to upcoming card-worthy events – it’s like I’ve finally gotten the assistant I’ve always wanted!  When I find myself with a space of time, whether its waiting for my kid at soccer practice or on the train to NYC for a meeting, I check out my Treat app and schedule a few cards that will surely bring a smile to the faces of the recipients.  And then I fist-bump myself because for that split second, I’ve got my shit together, and man, that feels good.

3. Local Meat Markets

Vegans and vegetarians, please look away now.


I’m not sure if this actually qualifies as a life hack, but I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person that had life hacks to offer, so we’re gonna go ahead and call it that, okay? So, I’ve recently discovered the beauty of purchasing my meat in bulk at a local meat market and my meal prep and dinner cooking life might never be the same.  Once a month I pick up a box of various proteins that is all packed up for me and ready to go (they have many package options and I pick the one that has a variety of things we like).  That little trip and about 30 minutes spent at home breaking down large packages into portions that work for my family, and I have all my meat shopping and prep DONE for the month.  Bringing together convenience and money savings is basically the way to make all my dreams come true, and this is it people!  The other thing I love about this method is that because the prep has been done and the food is right there, we are adding a lot more variety to our meals and focusing more on unprocessed deliciousness.  Let’s just say my Pinterest ‘Food’ board previously looked nothing like what was actually being served in my kitchen. I’m excited for the extra push to actually try out some of those new recipes. This pork chop recipe is going down in my house tonight and it’s gonna be EPIC.

4. Mommy-Daughter Moments

Ear bling!!

Once upon a time, my wish and hope was for 3 little boys. When I pictured my future life as a mom, it was all toads, snails, and puppy dog tails. As it turns out, someone up above knows me better than I know myself. There’s no denying that my son and I have a special connection.  He made me a mom and I often believe that he is the reason I’ve been put on this planet. But being a mom to two beautiful little girls is pretty sweet, too.  This weekend, in honor of her 5th birthday, my daughter got her ears pierced.  She was beyond excited as she’s been asking for this for quite a while. I got so caught up in her joy and excitement for this milestone that when she turned those big brown eyes on me and asked if I wanted to get my ears pierced too, I had to say yes.  For 32 years I’ve been too chicken to get my ears pierced (low pain threshold + needle phobic = nope, no way, not happening), but my daughters have always had a way of nudging me gently outside of my comfort zone. So we did it! Matching mommy-daughter earrings and a memory that will last us forever. PS – barely hurt. the clip-ons I had previously been rocking hurt way worse!

6 comments on “4 Things I'm Loving Right Now”

  1. Your daughter will remember that moment forever. My mom and I got our ears pierced together when I was 7 – I remember every moment. 🙂

  2. Umm…how did I not know about Rent the Runway?! I know what I’m doing tonight! (and you look fabulous in lace!)

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