You Never Forget Your First



I’ll let you all in on a dirty little secret.  I was dreading the day that I would have to host a kid’s party at my house.  I can barely keep my ish together with my own two kids, let alone a pack of 10, plus their siblings, plus their parents, plus the usual family members that would be invited.  How the hell would I be able to entertain this crowd, make sure they are all fed, have appropriate beverages (WINE & BEER INCLUDED), play nicely, and oh, maybe avoid a trip to the ER??  Decorating and menu planning were the least of my worries.  It was the actual crowd of people to keep happy that drove my anxiety level to the moon.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy parties or planning them- quite the opposite- I LOVE parties! But kid parties? That’s like a whole new level of planning and prep.  There are days that I’ll drop Jake and Livvy off at preschool that leaves me with the fear of, OMG, these little children will be running around my house like a small pack of wolves in search of Jake & The Neverland Pirates figurines and cheese puffs to pillage.


My Husband and I were able to avoid this near death experience for quite a while.  We vowed that for Jake’s 4th birthday we would throw him a full-blown kids party- his entire preschool class would be invited.  Annnnd, we could buy time- Jake doesn’t turn 4 until February 2015.  Perfect.  But then disaster struck in the form of a random exchange on Twitter.  I happened to be tweeting with a company that makes frozen macaroni & cheese, and before I knew it, I was being hooked up with a mac & cheese party, catered by the company, at my house, for all of my closest family and friends.  A free mac & cheese party served right out of a food truck in my driveway?  SURE! I said.  What? I can invite all of my family, all of my friends, annnnnd the entire neighborhood? UM, OK! I said.  They’ll provide all the mac & cheese we could eat, complete with juice boxes, bottled water, and chocolate chip cookies?  SIGN ME UP.


WHAT WAS I THINKING!?  We were not prepared for this!  We were putting off a humongous house party for as long as possible!  But who in their right mind would say no to a mac & cheese party, catered out of a flipping FOOD TRUCK in their own driveway?  Not me.  Not my husband.  So yes. This was definitely happening.

After a couple of glasses of wine, we decided to keep it simple for our game plan for the party-

Clean every room in the house.

Remove excess toys from the vicinity.

Pick up 1 4 boxes of wine.

Make invites to plaster the neighborhood.

Throw up a few pumpkins, decorative kale, and cornstalks around the front yard (FESTIVE).

Say a prayer that people actually take us seriously with this invite, and actually come. 

Drink a couple more glasses of wine.

The day of the mac & cheese truck party I woke up nervous and excited, and wanted to throw up.  This is pretty typical of me on big days.  You know, like, oh, when I run a half marathon, or have an important meeting at the office.  Or throw a party in which all of my family and friends, the entire neighborhood, my office, and Jake & Livvy’s school has received an invite.


You’ll be happy to know that 1.) I did NOT throw up, 2.) No one had to go to the ER, and 3.) Everyone had a flipping BLAST!  I’m so glad that everyone had fun, and that our pretty stress-free preparations were all that we needed to do.  Sometimes we as parents get into the horrible habit of going overboard with parties- too much of a good thing is certainly not good.  It’s really the people you invite that make your party, and with a good mix of family and friends, great food, and drinks for all, you can’t go wrong.



…Now where’s that Box o’ Vino?

3 comments on “You Never Forget Your First”

  1. I STILL HAVE NO IDEA HOW YOU WERE SO COOL ABOUT THIS WHOLE THING. All I could do the whole time that I was shoving food in my face and relaxing was thinking about how you are my freaking hero. Aaaaaand it was wet out and people were traipsing in and out of your beautiful house. And still – cool as cucumbers, you two. This was an awesome party! So glad we came and so glad you are the boldest woman I know for saying yes to the truck. Mwah.

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