Hugs for the Dads

I am so proud of you mamas. I think we’re doing a pretty great of job lifting each other up around here and hopefully in real life too. Sometimes I think I do a better job supporting stranger mamas in their parenting than I do my own spouse. So, today I wanted to take today to throw out a big thank you to the dads out there, especially the one that parents with me. When was the last time you really, really appreciated your husband? Do you treat him as an equal partner? Do you consider how this roller coaster we call parenting (and marriage) makes him feel? Or are you keeping score and not letting him forget that you’re the default parent? I am not judging you. I’m as guilty as the next mama, or maybe even more. Fact of the matter: marriage is hard work. And I would be so bold as to say that marriage with kids is possibly even harder work. When we hear about people splitting up, I think our first response is – that won’t happen to us. But it can. Just like any other life event, it can happen to you too. Stress on a person (job, kids, financial) can often equal stress on a marriage. So here’s a little reminder to throw some love your baby’s daddy’s way. Treat him as you’d like to be treated. You are the model for your kids – treat each other with kindness and love and model the relationship you hope your children will one day have. Our hugs for each other could just as easily be hugs and positive messages for our spouses as well. Why not spread the love.

This one’s for you dads!


I know your kid might be all about mama right now, but I promise some day the tables will turn and you’ll be her bestest friend.


And help each other remember that there are often silly things that come with phases and those silly things won’t last forever either.


And us mamas are so glad we’ve got you to laugh about it with after the kids go to bed.


In situations where family members or friends might not agree with your decisions, we appreciate that we’re both on the same team. Even when our opinions differ, we’ve got each other’s back.


Fatherly instinct is important too. We trust your gut and your opinions too. We promise to try hard not to discount your parenting intuition.


Just like you shouldn’t judge the success of your parenting by the standards of others, don’t do so with your marriage either.


Dads, we are here to support you just like you support us.


We’ll try to help you keep a positive attitude even when outside stressors like work might be bringing you down.


We’re a team. Anytime you need to “tag out” just let us know. We know you’d do the same for us.


There is nothing wrong with feeling overwhelmed, even as the dad. Parenting is hard work. You are one of the most important people in your child’s life and your family appreciates you so much.


Everyone makes mistakes. We’re here to discuss situations when one or both of us might not have handled ourselves the way we’d like to. Let’s brainstorm with each other about ways to help each other out next time. No judgement. No one is perfect.


We chose to be on this crazy parenting roller coaster with you for many reasons. We’ll do our best to remind you because we know you need to hear it just as much as we do.


We’re in this together.


Think your spouse, a neighbor, a co-worker of family member might need a hug?  Having trouble finding the words? Feel free to share our hugs with them.



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