Cold Weather & Kids Can Only Mean…


10 Things that Cold Weather Means for the Parents of Young Kids:
don and eeds at barnes and noble

Starbucks and a little Thomas-the-Train table at Barnes & Noble;

Cuddles on the couch while watching Disney movies;

An extra 15 minutes to get ready and out of the house;

Confusion over it being dark at dinner time and questions about when bed time is happening;

Bounce house fun at Jump Zone;

Countless minutes spent looking for gloves and hats;

Footie pajamas;

Hours spent in the Children’s section of the Public Library;

Coloring books, legos and Mr. Potato Head; AND

Extra morning hugs to avoid getting up from under the covers.

2 comments on “Cold Weather & Kids Can Only Mean…”

  1. We’re ALWAYS at the library when the weather is bad, and I see a lot of the library in our future this winter! Maybe we’ll switch it up with a trip to Barnes and Noble 🙂

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