A Week in Review



Ever have one of those OMG I can’t even think because if I do, my head will explode weeks?  Yeah… it’s been one of those over here in Mom Central.  All good things, lots of fun and happy woo woos, and all, but WOAH.  And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.  Let’s just think about that for one hot minute.


Here’s a little recap-  Me and my TV bestie, Carly, made a cameo on NBC Connecticut and showcased our crafts.  There was lots of Modge Podge.  We may have gotten a contact high between the Modge and the hot studio lights.  That’s cool, that’s cool.  There was some glitter involved.

I was strolling through Target- I swear I just went in to buy paper plates and squeeze fruit- which I did- and came out with these gems.  What? Too soon?



I went on couple of group runs with my co-workers during lunch.  Yep.  I was one of those people dodging traffic, garbage cans, and pylons running though the city of Hartford with my spandex on.  Talk about a rush.  We’re going on another one tomorrow at noon!


So that was my week!  And it’s only Thursday. Wine and bag of cheddar goldfish? EARNED.

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