Thrifty Thursday: Do You Want to Build a Snowman?


Yes, it’s only November and my kids have been itching to build a snowman. Who can blame them, really? I mean, it has certainly felt cold enough for snowman building! Only one problem. We haven’t had a flake of snow yet! Well, not to worry. I’ve got a simple snowman making craft for you that will keep your little ones entertained. Best part is, you get to stay nice and warm indoors!

What you will need:

*Felt (I used white, black, blue, orange, brown, and pink but you can use whatever colors you want). I picked mine up at Jo-Ann Fabrics. The blue, black and white I had them cut for me since I needed larger sizes, and then I just bought the small paper sized sheets of felt in the other colors.

*Sharp pair of scissors

…That’s it!

Although, if you’re like me and don’t feel super confident in your circle-making abilities for the snow balls I suggest finding some round items to trace with a marker and then cutting them out. I used an assortment of bowls, pots and pans (3 different sizes).

After I cut my three circles from the white felt (multiplied by two because I didn’t want my daughters fighting over building one snowman) I cut small circles out of the black felt for the “coal” eyes, mouth, and buttons. I made branches for the arms out of the brown felt and the carrot nose from the orange. And last, but certainly not least, I made some winter accessories (hat, mittens, and a scarf) out of pink felt. I chose a large piece of blue felt for the background because it just seemed like a wintery (that’s a word, right?) color. My plan is to keeping adding to the snowman wardrobe collection over the course of the winter; some different hats here, new mittens there, and perhaps even some flowers to add a little glam to the hats too!

Felt is a pretty cool material because it sticks to itself. The kiddos can have fun assembling their snowman (or woman!) over and over again.

Thankfully this kind of snowman doesn't melt!
Thankfully this kind of snowman doesn’t melt!

Looking for some bonus points? How about playing the soundtrack from the movie Frozen during the snowman building festivities? But if you can’t get the words to “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” or Olaf’s song, “In Summer,” out of your head that is NOT my fault! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in the basement with a mug of hot cocoa watching my girls build their felt snowmen.

No need to bundle up while building this snowman!
No need to bundle up while building this snowman!
Olaf? Is that you?
Olaf? Is that you?

7 comments on “Thrifty Thursday: Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”

  1. Is the blue felt draped over cardboard? How did you make it stand up? I loved felt boards as a kid and would love to make one for my grandson. Great idea, Carly!

  2. Printing this out and leaving for our new nanny to do with the kids. What? I don’t have to do it with them, do I? Lol.

  3. LOVE THIS IDEA! I’ve actually thought about creating a felt board for Lills for stuff like this but haven’t gotten around to it. Great craft Carly!

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