Reluctantly Fun Snow Projects


I’m not a snow fan. I fake it, for the sake of my snow-loving sons and Minnesota-transplant husband, but I pretty much hate snow. The only time I can even a tiny bit admit to liking it is on Christmas. You know when I really don’t appreciate it? On Thanksgiving. I would like to remind Mother Nature that Thanksgiving in New England is a fall holiday. You know, with crisp leaves, pumpkins, that sort of thing. So although I in no way endorse this pre-Thanksgiving snowpocylapse, I thought I’d try to see the silver lining and think of my kids, who are totally elated at the thought of snow for Thanksgiving. If you’re trying to find a reason to enjoy this impromptu storm that had the audacity to arrive before the winter solstice, here are some fun snow activities you can try with your kids. Bonus: some involve bring that cold, awful snow inside your warm house, thus saving you from enduring it’s cold, wet, awfulness. 😉

Indoor Snow Fun:

This site offers several fun ideas for bring a bin of snow inside, not freezing yourself solid, and using said snow for a sensory bin with trucks, sand toys, brushes and paint, etc. She also suggests dragging out the Mr. Potato Head parts to make a snowy version, and even offers a really easy recipe for snow-based ice cream. I cannot get mad at snow that has been transformed into ice cream.

Snow Art:

My kids and I did this last winter, and it was a huge hit. In fact, they’re already asking to do it again! You can make your own “snow paint” with just water and a few drops of food coloring. You can paint it on a snow fort with brushes, spray it on with spray bottles, or fling it with squeeze bottles. There is no wrong way. A practically free, fun activity that requires little to no adult help (aside from the making the paint), so you can keep both hands on some hot coffee while you watch them paint the yard.

Snow Ball Throwing Competition:

While there are lots of ideas on this page, my favorite is called “Frosty Toss”. It involves making a pile of snowballs, using snow paint (described above) to make a target, and seeing who can throw the furthest (or most accurately).

The Classics: Climbing, Shoveling, Snow Forts, et al.

Ok, ok. Sometimes you have to just suck it up and actually go out in the cold, cold snow. This site gives a good rundown/reminder of some of the classic snow fun you may have forgotten about since your youth. Of these options, or annual favorites are making snow “slides” (our yard is flat, so no real sledding hill in a walkable location), and of course, snow forts. Even winter grouches like me cannot deny the fun of snow forts.

I wish you all happy, snowy Wednesday-before-Thanksgiving with lots of warm, tasty beverages to enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and say safe out there!

You can buy this shirt here if you hate snow as much as I do :)
You can buy this shirt here if you hate snow as much as I do 🙂

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