Bye, Turkey!

It’s time to get my Christmas ON. I waited until today, not out of respect for the bird, but because we hosted and I felt like I had to keep the fall theme going until at least dessert was through.

I am not of the feeling that we must wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas. Think about it. Of all the holidays, this is the best one to decorate for. This is the one we spend the most time and effort on — stringing lights outside, chopping down trees/digging them out of the attic and setting them up, adding more lights, bulbs, decorations, putting up stockings, et cetera, et CETERA…

It’s 11/28. Christmas is less than a month away. I’m sorry, but if I’m putting all that effort in, I want to enjoy it for more than three weeks. We started fall decorating in SEPTEMBER. It’s been months. Time to wrap it up, pumpkins. Buh BYE, leaves and corn stalks. BRING ON THE SNOWFLAKES AND TINSEL!

And, if anyone’s looking for a gift for me, I’d love this…



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