Thrifty Thursday: Fleece Superhero Capes

I am still on a mission to make those handmade holiday gifts for my kids. Here’s a link to the last handmade gift I made just in case you missed it!Now, next up on the list are superhero capes for each of my girls because, well, A) they’re pretty awesome and B) what kid doesn’t want to be a superhero? Heck, maybe I’ll make one for myself! After all, we moms ARE practically superheroes, am I right!?

Did I mention these superhero capes are also super easy to make (and yet oh-so-fabulous)? Just think of the endless opportunities for some fun imaginative play these capes will provide!

What you’ll need:

* 1/2 yard of fleece (you can also use felt. I chose fleece because it’s nice and soft, doesn’t unravel and doesn’t need to be hemmed…aka less work)

* Different color felt for making embellishments (designs, shapes, initials, etc.)

* Sharpie marker

* Hot glue gun

* Sharp scissors for cutting

* Velcro

* This Cape template


1. Print off the cape template and cut it out on the solid line.

2. With your piece of fleece folded in half lengthwise, place the cape template so that it’s closes to the middle (folded) edge. Trace it with your sharpie marker, and then cut it so it looks like this:

*This is how it looks when you open it up and it's no longer folded in half
*This is how it looks when you open it up and it’s no longer folded in half

(I also cut some waves at the bottom of the cape, but you can certainly leave it straight).

 3. Use your felt to make shapes, designs, initials or whatever embellishments you decide to put on your cape. For this one, I chose to do my daughter’s initial (C for Caroline) surrounded by stars.

4. Place everything where you want to glue them. Remember to glue the Velcro pieces on the opposite sides of the part that goes around the neck. One side will need to be placed on top of the other. You’re going to want to glue them on like this:

cape 2

5. Let the glue dry (which takes no time at all) and then BAM!….POW!….KAZAM!…. You’ve just made a super hero cape. See? I told you that was easy!

cape 3

One cape down, one more to go for me! I’m also thinking I will need to make some matching superhero masks to go along with these capes too. Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of my daughter wearing it since she knows nothing about her superhero cape yet. It’s going to have to stay our little secret until she unwraps it on Christmas morning!

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