You Should Love No Matter What

I’m sitting here with my son, who thought that today, I should write about love.  I greatly appreciate the topic because, I need to admit, I’m tired.  I’m tired of the “scarcity” that surrounds us.  I feel the burden of need, vulnerability, oppression, disparity of wealth, worry for the future for my children, and on and on the list goes.  I don’t want to minimize these worries and pretend they aren’t real.  I believe that these needs in our time are real, and that we ought to be concerned about them.  Yet, a break from need can also be grounding, energizing, and just what I need to get back to my center.

Noah’s idea for today’s topic:  he wanted me to remind you all that we should love, no matter what.  We should love, even when somebody makes a mistake.

penguin love 12.14

Even when it’s a big mistake, we can still love.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a person or if it’s an animal (he says after Challenger got into the garbage… again).


It doesn’t matter who it is, including whether we even know them or not.

It doesn’t even have to matter how we show each other love (we’re not all the same).  We can even develop a code or secret handshake (someone wants to be sure I don’t embarrass him in front of his friends).

We are pretty lucky in our family because we tell each other we love each other SO very often and we never seem to forget when we go off to bed or off to school.  (But, even if we forgot one morning to tell each other, we are pretty positive we’d still know we love each other.  So it doesn’t even really matter if we forget).

What matters is that you love.

(I couldn’t have said it any better myself [so I didn’t even try].  Thank you Noah.)


Perhaps with enough love, we wouldn’t have a culture of scarcity to reality-check ourselves back to.  Imagine.

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