5 Days of Giveaways – Yoreganics Bye Bye Dry Balm



I met Kim, the owner of Yoreganics, at Whole Foods in Glastonbury a few months ago. She was showing off her wonderful products and I loved them immediately. My daughter gets really dry skin on her cheeks when the weather gets colder so I knew this was something that would be great for her. She sent me home with one of her big bye bye dry balms and it really made a difference, fairly immediately, on my girls face. I honestly can’t say enough good stuff about Kim and her company. I love that she’s a local mom who followed her passion for bringing safe, non-toxic products to families everywhere. Make sure to head over and browse her online shop – she’s got other great products too!


We will be choosing 5 lucky winner’s that will each receive FIVE of these fabulous, large balms. In honor of that, I present to you 5 ways you can use this balm:

1. For dry chapped skin – As I mentioned above I use this on my daughter and it works great. I’ve also used it myself! If your child has sensitive skin this is the perfect product.

2. In place of cuticle oil – One of our writer’s mentioned to me that she actually uses this balm on her cuticles instead of cuticle oil – genius!

3. Anti-chaffing – YES to this one! You can use this on your thighs, or anywhere that you tend to get chaffing and it works wonderfully. If you run outside in the winter (like me) you can also use this on your cheeks to prevent wind burn.

4. Chapped lips – you will never go back to chapstick again. Enough said.

5. Cracked nipples – if you’ve ever breastfed you know what I’m talking about here! This is a great product to soothe those sensitive nips. Practically instant relief.

Need more ideas for how to use this balm? More ideas here.

Here’s the real question – if you win will you keep all 5 for yourself or share them with a friend??

(Make sure to follow them on Facebook!)

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18 comments on “5 Days of Giveaways – Yoreganics Bye Bye Dry Balm”

  1. I absolutely love this stuff … Thanks for introducing it to me! My daughter and I are the driest things going once tbe cold weather hits!!

  2. Oooohh!! Would be fab for the icky red, over-dry skin us nurses get in winter time (yes, even in FL!) from constantly washing hands and wearing/changing gloves all day!!

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