Through the Good and the Bad


I am probably like most parents who base a good time around whether or not their child is in a good mood. I can also guarantee that most parents, like myself, only tend to remember the melt downs and tantrums and easily forget about the sweet moments with their children.

My outlook changed this past weekend when I decided to switch things up a bit. Saturday morning we woke up, cuddled in bed for awhile and it felt so good. She even looked at me, gave me a hug and said, “Mommy you’re my best buddy!” Right then and there, she melted my heart. Later that day, I asked myself, “why do I always remember the tantrums and not these special moments?” I felt as if I needed to change my viewpoint on her behavior towards me. I could either sit back and watch her grow and only remember the tantrums or I could enjoy these early years of her life, with her, soaking up all the hugs, kisses and laughs. I chose the second. I am going to stop wallowing in her “difficult” times, and instead, accept them for what they are – age appropriate releases of emotions, hug her through it and move on to the next moment.


Let’s see how long this lasts, but I am going to try very hard.

Anyone have changes of heart lately on how they view things? Has it worked, what did you do?

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