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CaptureI’m suffering from a severe case of toualéta-paideuóphobia, the fear of potty training. Let me stop you right there, this is not my first rodeo. I’ve potty trained one already, my son…that’s why I’m so afraid. Life has been fairly balanced lately, I don’t want to rock that boat.

I blogged about my experience potty training my son and his bizarre fear of pooping, a phenomenon, come to find out, that isn’t so uncommon. He held it so long he got constipated, which caused him great stomach pains, and when he finally could poop it felt like torture, so he hated the toilet even more. We had to “miralax” him daily just so he’d poop.

And then, lucky me, when he would poop, he’d shit his pants. Not pleasant.

I carried around a “potty training toolkit”, a large zip lock bag with extra pants, underwear, and wipes. That way, when he shit himself, I could clean him up and if the clothes were savable I could place them in the large zip lock bag to be kept for cleaning later. Sometimes, I would have to take the loss and just throw out his poop filled underwear.

I shiver at these memories. I vividly remember my husband screaming at one point during this time that he just couldn’t take it anymore. It had to end.

And so, here we are, baby number 2 is ready for her big girl underwear and I’m the one acting like a baby. When the childcare approached me about Edith potty training, I froze. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of having no more diapers, both cost and convenience wise, is oh so exciting, but potty training another human being makes me want to run for the hills.

That was about two months ago though, so I’ve avoided long enough. Also, the holiday time off presents a perfect opportunity to just go for it. I’m so not looking forward to it, but am hopeful she’ll be easier. Maybe she’ll just go with it? Maybe she’ll really want to wear big girl underwear or thrive at the m&m technique. I guess I won’t know until I try…

Wishing you and yours a poop-in-the-pants free holiday season. Here goes nothing!

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