Worry about your OWN SELF! (My 2015 Resolution)

It’s that time of year. The holidays are just around the corner, and after that comes the promises. “This year, I’ll work out more!” “I will job hunt to make the money I deserve!” “I’ll go back to school and further my education!” or maybe just “This year, I will be healthier.” My resolution is a simple one that I hope can inspire many of you to follow suit (to be fair, I stole the wording from my three-year-old):

“This year, I will worry about my OWN SELF* for once.”

I recently realized that aside from my OB/Gyn and dentist, the only doctor I’d seen in the past nearly fifteen years was at walk-in clinics when I was seriously sick with bronchitis and the like. I haven’t had a physical since I started college (when it was a requirement). In talking to my fellow mom friends, I realized this is the frightening norm among more than a few of us. I drive 45 minutes each way to ensure my kids have the best pediatrician I can find, and I get them in to see their doctor as often as needed in addition to their annual physical. I wouldn’t think of skipping a yearly check up for them, yet I haven’t been in years. I’m fortunate to be in good health and have no pressing concerns, but maybe a once-a-decade check-up isn’t such a bad idea.

Come to think of it, a lot of things, big and small, have gone by the wayside since having kids. My last mani/pedi was Mother’s Day, 2012. My last weekend away with friends was August 2013. My last weekend away with my husband was September 2013. In fact, we only went out to dinner alone three times in the past year. I know kids become the priority once one becomes a mother, but this is ridiculous!

So in 2015, I will worry about my own self. I will get a physical, maybe a mani/pedi, and I will go out more sans kids. I might buy jeans that aren’t from Old Navy. I will spend time making myself a healthy lunch, just like I do for my kids, and stop eating cheese and Goldfish crackers each afternoon in lieu of “real food”. Who is with me??

*Don’t worry– I will still of course worry about my family, house, job, etc. in addition to my own self 🙂

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