The Holiday Season is Tough for Those With Eating Disorders and Food Struggles


I have a struggle with food. Sugar addiction, compulsive overeating, yep, hi, that’s me. If you too have a struggle with food maybe the title of my post grabbed you. It’s so true isn’t it? The holidays are a hard time for most people because of the abundance of delicious meals and treats but I think it’s especially hard for those of us with eating disorders.

For me, the holiday parties, the office parties and even family get togethers prove to be a challenge because I worry about giving into cravings and temptations. I practice abstinence from sugar and foods that trigger overeating and quite frankly the holidays remind of how much it really sucks that I can’t eat like everyone else. It’s tough to be sitting with co-workers, friends or family and feel like everyone else gets to eat a piece of pie or that yummy looking cookie but I can’t. But I also know that if I do give in it will lead me down a path of overeating and I’ve done that about 23423408 times in my life.

You might be thinking, “Michelle it’s OK to just have a little treat” but it really, really isn’t for me. That’s part of my disorder & sugar addiction. One treat and it’s basically guaranteed that I will go down a not so good path with food. That’s why it really IS a disorder. This isn’t about willpower, trust me. I have loads of willpower in my life.

This topic has just been on my mind lately and I wanted to let anyone else that has a similar struggle know that you aren’t alone. The holidays ARE triggering – and not just because of the over abundance of food but because holidays can bring up a lot of difficult family stuff and for many, turning to food is the way to cope with anxiety, tension and stress.

If you’re struggling with food I hope you’ll think of me – hand held out to yours – and take comfort knowing that you are not alone in this. Be gentle with yourself my friends. Everything will be alright.


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9 comments on “The Holiday Season is Tough for Those With Eating Disorders and Food Struggles”

  1. I’m glad you wrote about this. I fell off the wagon over the course of this year, returning to eating lots of refined sugar and grains. Sure enough, a lot of the weight came back. Not as much as when I was at my heaviest, but enough to make me pretty unhappy about it. I totally get why “just one” is too much. I have family members who will push the “special occasion”, “it’s just this one time,” so on and so forth. People really don’t seem to get it, and it’s especially bad when you’re talking to someone who can eat anything and never gain weight. I’m back to counting calories, and this time, trying to realistically limit grains and starches, rather than cutting them altogether, which I couldn’t sustain in the long term.

  2. Thanks Michelle. This is tough stuff to think about, never mind write about and actually take action on. I can certainly relate to the sugar thing. It’s nice to know I’m not alone — and it’s so brave of you to offer a hand to others.

  3. This one really spoke to me. I have an autoimmune disease and have to be really restrictive about what I eat to the point that I feel that I’m obsessed with food and afraid to eat anything. The he holidays are very tough! Thank you for letting me k ow I’m not alone.

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