Holiday Break

holiday seasonThere’s been a whole lot of pj time at our house this December break. Lots of lounging and playing, and a whole lot of chocolate. There have been group hugs and cuddling, epic battles and races around the house. Its been a nice finale to a fabulous holiday season.

As a child, the holidays and the break were wonderful and seemed to last forever. When you’re a kid, a week feels like a lifetime, and a month like an eternity. I had a ball this year, getting to share that excitement and joy with my husband and children, ages 5 & 2. It’s fun to experience it from this side–the parent, having so cherished this time of year as a child.

It definitely took me until this year to really enjoy. For the last five years (7, if we’re counting marriage), I was really overwhelmed. There are a lot of responsibilities associated with the holidays, that take planning. If you’re not prepared or don’t plan, it can be a bit much. There’s the designing, ordering, and addressing of the holiday cards, creating family gift lists and ensuring family members don’t double purchase, and then shopping for and tracking gifts, and wrapping said gifts. This year, though, I started prepping in early November and gave myself the time to get it all done. Also, the kids were much more into the season, which made it all so much fun.

I truly enjoyed our holiday traditions with the kids, like the Candy Cane game (thanks mom and dad), Christmas chocolate countdowns (thanks Nana), cutting down our tree, visiting with Santa, decorating the tree and house, and holiday music dance parties. That joy simply outweighed the sometimes stressful planning and prep that goes into making the holiday season happen.

Whatever it is, this year seems magical. And, although it didn’t last forever, time did seem to slow for just a bit, and it was fantastic. Wishing you health, happiness, and joy in 2015!

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