Some thoughts on the new year.


Happy New Year!  Happy New Year?  Right now I’m not sure.  As I was thinking about this post I was struggling to find a way to make my thoughts cohesive.  So guess what?  They won’t be.

  • Last year on December 30th I had just finished a walk on the treadmill when the phone rang.  As I was walking up the stairs I could hear the tenor of Honey’s voice and knew immediately that my grandmother was gone.  In my heart I was certain.  Ending 2013 that way and starting 2014 reading my grandmother’s eulogy at her funeral makes me a bit apprehensive about what 2015 holds.
  • Despite my grandmother’s death we still had plans with BFF and her husband for New Year’s Eve that we kept.  We ended up having the best time just hanging out.  It was just what I needed, to be with friends who accepted me for who I am and didn’t really care what state I may have been in.
  • This year will be similar.  We’re going to our neighbors house and I plan to roll up in my sweats, with my wine.  Bring it 2015.
  • The new year-as I alluded to-brings mixed emotions.  New isn’t always good or exciting.  New can sometimes be daunting and scary and frustrating.  Today I talked to a friend who got some not great news and just like that a “new” year, gets put in perspective.  I also have a friend who’s son will spend most of 2015 in a clinical trial that will hopefully save his life.  New?  Yes.  But not necessarily good. We all need to keep in mind that for some, new isn’t always better and respond appropriately.
  • I’m not much of a resolution girl, but I do have some goals for 2015.  A few years ago I heard about declaring a word of the year rather than a resolution.  My word for the year will be sweat.  My goal is to sweat everyday, even if it’s just 15 minutes. Additionally, I’ve got a bunch of races on my calendar for the year.  The Hartford Marathon Foundation is sponsoring a 15K in May.  As well, they are most likely sponsoring a 1/2 Marathon in Mystic!  This excites me greatly.  AND…that’s not all folks…I’ve got my sights set on finishing off the summer with another 1/2 in Milford.  I’ll probably throw in a few 5ks here and there too.  I really have become that girl.
  • The best part of the new year?  My new kicks!  I finally accepted the fact that I need Uggs in my life.  I bought a pair at Payless for $25 and my feet have never been happier, or warmer.  I know they are uglier than sin, but I just couldn’t stay away any longer.
  • I kid, that’s not the best part of the new year.  While I struggle with feeling optimistic about the new year right now, I know that it holds big possibilities for great things.  Although I suppose I have good reason for my apprehension.  As a family we have some pretty big personal goals too, and there’s always that never ending list of house projects we need to tackle.  Kitten is already talking obsessively about our vacation in August.

So with that, good luck to you in the New Year be it fun and exciting or scary and different.  Feel free to share if you have anything you are looking forward to in 2015, we can all live vicariously through each other.

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