Magical Monday


This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* Horses! Oh, how I LOVED horses when I was a child. I saw “The Black Stallion” when I was 9 years old and it changed my life. For years I was obsessed with EVERYTHING horses. I still palpably remember the physical longing I had for my own horse ~ often-times my yearning was so strong that it hurt my heart. My parents didn’t have the money for riding lessons and after a few years, I let go of my horse passion. In the past few weeks I’ve been allowing this passion back into my life and it FEELS SO GOOD! I visited a farm last week just to be around the horses, and it was heaven.  I plan on visiting more farms just to be in their presence. I’m just love, love, LOVIN’ horses right now!

* My electric guitar! Another childhood passion I’m letting back in my life. I start lessons on Wednesday!

* New beginnings! I took down the rest of the Christmas decorations yesterday, putting last year to rest, and I’m ready to start new adventures, new passions and new beginnings!

* Birthdays! My second-born son turns 7 years old today! All my boys got gift certificates to Toys R Us for Christmas, so we’re planning a birthday trip, followed by a junk food lunch and tacos for dinner. That’s my kind of day!

* Snow! We only got an inch or two on Saturday, and it’s already gone. But for the brief moment it lasted, my whole family enjoyed it. We’re all looking forward to more snow so we can romp in it.

* Legos! This house of mine is TEEMING with legos. Sometimes they hurt and are a pain in the ass because they break so easily, but mostly it’s just wonderful to see how happy they make all my boys.

* Tea and Coffee and any warm beverage.

* Sandwiches with chips and a pickle.

Happy Magical Monday! ♥

Me and Jacques. I love him...
Me and Jacques. I love him…


2 thoughts on “Magical Monday

  1. What a wonderful recap of your magic! I love that horse photo someone posted on your FB wall. How perfect that it also symbolized bringing babies into the world 🙂

    I hope you have an awesome day with the kids and enjoy the shopping, junk food and tacos!


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