Stop, breathe and enjoy the moment!


The best part of the holiday season was experiencing the excitement and joy of my children. This year I made an effort to stop, breathe and enjoy the moment. Sounds simple, but it was a rather difficult plan to execute. Have you ever noticed how many ways there are to sleepwalk through the events of life or plow through on a mission to complete a variety of tasks?

This week I did exactly these two things. I created a to do list to get ahead (of what I’m still trying to figure out). Rearrange the kitchen, drop off the donations items in the corner of the basement, as well as re-organize the informal storage space close by. After several hours of tackling the kitchen, I was exhausted and rushing to get to a massage appointment. Stressed and overwhelmed for my every-four month massage was a wake up call.

Again, I had forgotten to breathe and enjoy the moment. Now worries, I did manage to relax and enjoy my Christmas massage. More importantly, I came home to a very appreciative family enjoying our re-organized kitchen.

I am not the planner in our family and as primary MOM for the post-Christmas week, there was a lot of time to fill. I really just wanted to spend quality time with my kids, which made accepting help from others a no-brainer during the week . Suggestions from my wife, son and friends made led to some fun activities. We bounced, bowled, and built (lot’s of legos). We stayed inside with friends, visited with friends, and met friends unexpectedly at various events throughout the week.

Even a desperate attempt to refill a prescription resulted in an adventure that lasted four hours, several trips to various stores and over a dozen phone calls. My son and I laughed (hysterically) when the first pharmacy we went to received the medication ‘right after we left the store’. My kids were rewarded with two hours at Chuck E Cheese after that.

As I prepare to return to work, I am truly grateful for a wonderful and adventurous vacation with my family. I feel rested and excited about the new year and look forward to the scheduled activities of our everyday life. I hope to remember to stop, breathe and enjoy the moment as well!

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