Be GONE Guilty Mom Gene!


Sometimes as mothers I think we are born and bred with a “Guilty” Gene. Before having kids I was definitely a lot less harsh on myself. Do not get me wrong I still beat myself over things like weight but overall I was pretty content.

Guilty Gene is imbedded in our DNA!
Guilty Gene is imbedded in our DNA!

Then BAM I give birth to my son and all of a sudden I feel guilty about everything. You know what I am talking about fellow working MOMS!

“Is he sleeping enough?”

“Shouldn’t he be crawling?”

“Oh my god he had eggs two days before recommended!”

“I am so exhausted and not so present at work”

“My poor husband has not seen a pretty version of me in months!”

And so on and so and so on….

The Guilty part comes in because all of the things I worry about I give myself so much pressure that it needs to be better. Here at CTworking moms I believe we strive to make people realize that perfection does not exist and honestly it isn’t needed.

I mean really my rational side knows the stuff I worry about in the long run will not be a huge factor in screwing up my children. My husband and I are two good people who are human. We offer a loving, healthy and happy roof over are kids. Yeah some nights we have cereal for dinner, or I may want to put the kids to bed two hours but today I am going to write out some of the things that I ROCK at as a mom, wife and career woman.

I think we all need to suppress the “Guilty Gene” every once in awhile because let’s be realistic. WE HAVE THESE KIDS FOR AT LEAST 18 YEARS. So we have plenty of times to lament over our shortcomings.


  1. I make cute babies: I know this is biased but seriously my kids are cute
  2. I have a great sense of humor so many times things my kids do make me laugh and not freak out
  3. I always try to keep my friendships still connected. We do not get to see each other as much as I would like to but I know I am a good friend.
  4. I am a good communicator with my husband. We are not perfect but I feel like we are in this together most days.
  5. I just started a new job and I think I am going to rock at it; I love the people and work environment.
  6. I have fabulous hair
  7. I work so this means my kids will hopefully get little extras.
  8. I married a smart, kind, hot, funny man so that makes me a good judge of character.
  9. I am a calm person and usually roll with the punches
  10. I like to make other people feel good and compliment which makes me nice to be around.
  11. Over the years I am getting less and less judgey.
  12. I am great for snuggles.

So this may not seem like a huge list but it should get bigger every day. So to my mother’s out there if you respond to this in any fashion you have to include something that you rock at…

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