Its all about the Quality Time!

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We all know that spending quality time with your significant other is truly an important effort that should not be overlooked. Even though we are super busy, working mothers, our marriage craves attention, love and quality time. Don’t get me wrong, I am one of the biggest offenders of not offering up quality time. After a long day working, and then taking care of a child, dinner, bathing, etc. its super easy to just relax and watch TV than to have a conversation with your husband.

I am working hard to spend more time with my husband in 2015 and thought I would start off by listing my top five ways. What are yours?

– At the end of the night, when the children are in bed, turn off the TV, hide your phone, dim down the lights and ask each other five questions about their day. This rapid fire of questions, gets the conversation going and helps create a dialogue.

– Breakfast dates. These are very, very important and it doesn’t have to be on a Friday night. Lately, my husband and I have been going out to breakfast on Saturday mornings and its wonderful! We catch up on the week, talk about our goals for the weekend and actually enjoy a meal without feeling rushed. Try it – even better, its less expensive than a dinner date!

– Set a weekly goal. Each week, set aside an hour to do something fun together! Even if its home. It can be done after bedtime and during naps. It can be playing a board game, finishing a small project around the house (like in our case), making a fun meal or simply sitting outside when the weather gets nicer. The point is, you both do it together!

– Cuddle Up. I know it sounds corny, but I’m serious. At the end of each night, lay in bed together, and cuddle up. No talking necessary, just hold each other and fall asleep. It really does count as quality time.

– If none of these work, then try making a point to talk when you both are in the car together. For some reason, my talkative daughter likes to relax while in the car and it allows us to catch up on the week, share our thoughts and just talk about whatever we want. If this doesn’t work for you, then you can stop and get a coffee and head to your library where your children can play while you and your husband talk.

Feel free to share some ways you spend quality time together!

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