Oh hi, First Week of the Semester


So we meet again. You’ve been here before, and while we may have had a brief time apart, I see you.

I see you…

In the dust-and-hair balls seen tumbling across the hardwood as I peer over the edge of my textbook.

I see you…

When my daughter tells me I accidentally packed an empty applesauce container for her school snack.

I see you…

In the dog-eared corners my textbook has gained by fighting for priority with my other essentials in the diaper bag.

I see you…

In the sticky fingerprint smears on my iPad, gained in an effort to squeeze out an hour of extra study time during the day.

I see you…

When we need to get dressed directly out of the laundry basket because the clean clothes never got folded and put away.

Okay, so I’m not back into the swing of things yet. But we’ve figured it out the last few semesters, and I’m hopeful for another successful term, one that brings me even closer to my goals.

But, don’t expect those clothes to ever get put away, even once we acclimate to our new schedule. Some things will never change.

2 comments on “Oh hi, First Week of the Semester”

  1. Ahhh…yes…the beginning of the semester. ..it isn’t any easier for the professor either. ..lol…instead of the studying, I’m peering over stacks of papers and exams at the dust bunnies and unfolded laundry! UGH!

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