Magical Monday with a Migraine


I’m writing this Magical Monday post Sunday afternoon whilst in my bed with a migraine. Migraines aren’t really magical but here’s how mine has been serving me well today:

* A migraine is my free-ride ticket ~ my whole family knows that when Mama has got a migraine (and I tend to get them once a month during my moon time) that they have to rely on themselves most of the day while I hide upstairs in a dark room.

* My hubby is always so happy every month when I get my period (’cause, ya’ll, we are SO DONE having babies) that he waits on me happily during my headache time. Today he made me his special turkey deluxe sandwiches with his awesome red pepper mayo, avocado and smoked cheddar. Tonight he’s making me homemade pizza. Who’s the lucky ailing girl?

* I get to enjoy a DAY OFF from serving my kids food every 10 minutes! They come upstairs to visit occasionally and to see if I need anything, but they ask very little of me and THAT is a very welcome break.

* I’ve watched two horse movies on my lap-top in between naps.  I’d never seen “The Black Stallion Returns” and that was fun, but I REALLY loved watching “Dreamer.” That is a beautiful movie!

* I get lots of kitty cuddles. One of our kitties, Munchie Boots, has appointed himself as feline nurse. Whenever one of us is ailing, he snuggles right up to us and heals us with his super-sonic purring. I do so love the extra furry snuggles.

* Hubby went grocery shopping for me today. THAT is magical, indeed.

* When I have a migraine I can’t think or focus on anything ~ and everyone needs a nice vacation from thinking every now and then.

* Having migraines is a good excuse to take several naps a day, ’cause really that’s the only thing that helps.

* I know when I wake up tomorrow I’ll feel so much better. If you ever suffer from migraines you know how magical it is to wake up the next day pain free. So, even though I do believe I’ve made the most out of a painful day, I do SO look forward to enjoying my clear head tomorrow.

Happy Magical Monday. ♥

2 thoughts on “Magical Monday with a Migraine

  1. Oh man I suffer from migraines too so I totally understand. And yes – sleep is the only way out of the pain! Hoping that by now you’re feeling MUCH better. Love you!


  2. “Horse movies”. This made me smile. You are very cute! And hello? Your husband sounds incredible if only for the fact that he makes amazing sounding food.


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