I have very vivid dreams.  Often my husband will tell me I was yelling or crying in my sleep. Sometimes I punch him, the poor man.  I frequently dream about work, to the point where I wake up exhausted, feeling as if I worked all night.  I have had to argue cases not in a courtroom, but in a giant stadium in front of thousands of people.  I have been able to tell off managers in my company and spell out exactly why I have utter contempt for them and their values, which can be very satisfying, until I wake up and realize it didn’t really happen.

I very rarely dream about my deceased relatives, which is disappointing.  I would like to have a chance to talk to some of them again.

The worst are the upsetting dreams, where I am being chased by Nazis and there is no escape, or I am hiding somewhere hoping burglars won’t find me, or I am walking around downtown without a top on, trying to be nonchalant about it.  I wake up with my heart pounding, yet another night of rest lost.

Sometimes I have dreams about celebrities.  Usually in the dream, I am in love with the celeb and sometimes we get together, if you know what I mean.  Then I am embarrassed the next time I see the guy on TV!  I remember a period of time when I couldn’t watch Tom Snyder, the late night talk show host, whom I didn’t even LIKE, because of our frisky encounters in my dreams.  Last night I had a lovely dream about Bradley Cooper, who I do think is incredibly attractive, and he did not disappoint.  When I go to see him in The Elephant Man in a few weeks, I hope he remembers how fond we were of each other.

I have never had a dream where I learned an important answer or solved a problem.  That usually happens for me in the shower, where the power of the unconscious also surges into overdrive.  But I respect dreams and their significance and I try to figure them out.  I’ve even read books about dream symbolism, but mine don’t fall into the typical categories (i.e., losing all my teeth or riding a horse, etc.).  I do have a recurring dream about racing to get to the airport to get a flight to a very exotic place, where there are flights only once every few years, and the plane tickets are incredibly expensive.  I am always driving fast, running into traffic, racing through the airport, missing the shuttle to the plane, dragging my slow mother along in an effort to make the flight, and so on.  These are not enjoyable dreams!  There is another variation on this theme (which is what?  Out of control of my life?  Fear of making a mistake?) in which I have lost my dorm room key and fear that I will not be able to get back in.  In these dreams, someone always makes it easy (cleaning person in the room, other roommates showing up at the perfect time).  But I always wake up anxious and drained because of the energy I had to put into these quests while I was asleep.

What about the rest of you?  People don’t talk about their dreams much outside of the family, do they?  I think they are a wonderful source of entertainment most of the time, and at the other times they must be a form of pure psychological release, but they are always interesting.  I would love to hear about YOUR dreams, moms!



2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I have very vivid dreams too. Like sometimes I have a hard time knowing if something REALLY happened or not. Seriously. I dream about work all the time (ugh).


  2. I used to dream so vividly and so often. I often woke crying. Since having kids I think I fall asleep faster and sleep harder because I have to so maybe don’t remember my dreams as much.


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