Years from now I will look back on January 2015 and laugh, maybe.

Love me some Kid President. This is from his Facebook page.


January brought me:

  • 3 family members with flu (4 if you count my mother)
My beautiful sickies.
  • 1 nanny with a cold and pink eye
  • 1 ear infection for Lovey
  • 1 cold for Lovey (which exacerbates asthma)
I’ve finally mastered homemade chicken soup. It’s all about the crockpot ladies. Attempt at recipe forthcoming.
  • 6 doctor visits
  • 2 major snowstorms
  • 8 missed school days for the girls
  • 4.5 days of missed work, plus 2 snow days for me
The only way to get through this is coffee. Or wine.
  • a two-week long battle with medical supply and our insurance company over this nebulizer (you’d have thought I was asking for Connecticare to buy me crack)
It’s totally OK if you decide to give up every once in a while.


That darn groundhog didn’t see his shadow (or did, I don’t know WTF it means) and we’re stuck as usual with another 6 weeks of winter.  And there’s snow in the forecast for Thursday and Sunday.  I can’t even.  I’m typically a pretty positive person but this month ran me over and then backed up to make sure the job was complete.  I’m ready to move on to bigger and better things.  February, I’m looking at you, don’t let me down.

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