A Good Day for Some True Confessions


I’m feeling the need to unleash some True Confessions. Doing so always helps me take myself less seriously, and I could sure use that right now. So, without further ado:

* I take myself too seriously. Or as my husband says “I give too much weight to things.” Not all things, but some things ~ like my aerial silks practice, my outlook on life, chores that I don’t like or want to do. This little fact about me sometimes can surprise people who see me as easy-going, laid-back, and fun-loving (I have been known to don on wings in public on occasion. 😉 ).  I do soooo love being described as laid-back, but the things that are important to me or in areas I want to excel….yeah, they can actually bring out the worst in me (aerial practice, aerial practice, aerial practice).

* I don’t take most other things seriously….much to the chagrin of most everyone I know. Is this a contradiction, that I take MYSELF so seriously, but not the things of the world? Perhaps. I’m an enigma, whattaya gonna do? The things that I don’t give much weight to at all are things like: all the disease epidemics the news is always propagating (do you realize as soon as one disease disappears…cough, cough ebola….another one pops up like cough, cough measles? It just one endless cycle of diseases we’re supposed to be deathly afraid of and I don’t give a shit about any of them). I also don’t take too seriously the food guide pyramid or anything that tells me how I’m supposed to eat/feed my family,  which like the disease propaganda, just keeps cycling from things that USED to be good are now bad and vice versa. Let me just sum this whole category up and say I don’t take ANYTHING seriously that tells me how to live my life or take care of my body. I’ll take care of that myself, thank you!

* We eat some organic foods on a regular basis but I also let my kids eat candy every day and drink soda. I don’t make them eat the dinners that hubby and I prepare if they truly don’t like them. I’m just not into force-feeding or restricting. Just like I believe my body can be trusted to take care of itself, I believe my children’s bodies can do the same. I’ve noticed how their appetites self-balance themselves without my input.

* My family is all so effin’ sick of this snow. Even my kids are sooo over it. We haven’t been outside to play in over a week and I don’t give a crap.

* When my 3 year old is sleeping I’ll sometimes pick his nose.

* My 3 year old HATES haircuts, so that’s something else I do when he’s sleeping.

* My family is really, really, really UNbusy. I hear so much about how all families are busy. Yeah, we’re not. At all.

* I homeschool my three boys and hubby works from home ~ so a “snow day” to us just feels like every other day.

* People think since I homeschool, I must be a very patient person. I am NOT! I’m actually a VERY impatient teacher, which is one of the reasons I let my kids do “self-directed learning.” They learn what they want on their own and then teach ME about it.

* I’m 10 years into it and I absolutely don’t have this parenting thing all figured out (and secretly despise anyone who appears/says/seems to have it all figured out. They must be lying, right?).

If there’s something you’d like to get off your chest, I’m all ears, Sister! Happy Magical Monday. ♥

4 thoughts on “A Good Day for Some True Confessions

      1. My dear love, YOU have always been a source of inspiration and strength for me and it’s since having YOU in my life that I’ve allowed myself to show more of my imperfections. So thank you 🙂


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