Pumping at Work

This may sound strange, but…I don’t mind pumping at work. I know pumping is not easy. In fact, if you take a poll of most women who pump, Im sure 9.75 out of 10 women hate it.  I feel you.  There’s the million pump parts that you have to sterilize every friggin’ night; you feel like a cow; you worry about leaking through your blouse; and it is time consuming.  Moms just do not have any time at all.  While I am not a fan of pumping per se, I have to say I do not mind the two times I do it at work. Any other time though, and I would rather poke my eyes out.

Here’s why I like to pump at work:

It is my little rest time because at work I am on my feet all.day.long.

This is the escalator that I climb between 8 and 397 times on any given day to get to meetings, sign people up to testify at public hearings, and chase people I need to lobby (I’m in government relations). I do these stairs in three inch heels, while carrying a giant work bag that rivals my big baby bag. So it is nice that when I have to pump, I can sit quietly for 20 minutes and have a legit reason for doing so.

I am producing nourishment for my child, this is the most important thing I will do all day!

The pumping room has outlets!  All of the people who work in the Legislative Office Building fight over the 5 outlets in the building to charge phones, iPads, laptops, etc. So I feel like I am in power heaven when in the pumping room.

lactation room
Four outlets in one room ALL to myself!


I get to eat a snack and do so in peace and quiet.

The pumping room is pretty nice.  State of Connecticut, props to you for having the best equipped space.

Someone left a hanger, how thoughtful!
Someone left a hanger, how thoughtful!

But there are a couple of drawbacks.

There are upholstered benches outside the women’s bathroom where the lactation room is located.  The benches are where people like to chat and make phone calls.  Sometimes, when I come out of the bathroom after a 20 minute pumping session, the same people are sitting there as when I first went in.  It always makes me wonder if people think I have a serious digestive issue. Oh well!

I once forgot to lock the door and someone walked in on me.  Ooopsie.

Sometimes, I really cannot leave in the middle of a meeting or hearing to pump so I go for way longer than I should and have to sit with my arms crossed in fear of drippage.

I know there are employers out there that make it difficult for nursing moms to pump.  Shame on them.  Ladies, tell me who they are and let me at ’em!!!

So while there are good and bad things about pumping at work, overall I am ok with it.  Is it sad that sitting quietly for 20 minutes is one of my simple joys in life?  I am not sure, but I will take the down time for as long as I can get it.


5 thoughts on “Pumping at Work

  1. Good for you taking the down time! I am embarrassed to admit that I pumped, emailed, ate… Simultaneously. Your approach makes much more sense!


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