Finding yourself in others’ words


After rushing through this week I sat down, at the last minute – true to form, for this week – to write my weekly post and checked in with the blog first to see what my fellow writers had been up to.

I could have written Ann’s post this week (and, well, nearly did, before I saw it).

It feels good when you see your thoughts validated by someone else, doesn’t it? Put out there, in print. For everyone to read, yet the words speak to you so personally. Many people argue that social technology is driving us as a society apart, but I can see the many ways it serves to connect us so valuably.

It happens all the time. I read something that touches one part or another so precisely and I just want to shout, “ME TOO!!” at my tablet screen. I can have a completely different life experience from those that I read about, but it doesn’t matter; it’s clear from the things shared that we are alike in far more ways than those with which we differ. It’s that feeling of validation I seem to write about so often, because there’s a sisterhood in knowing you’re not alone.

I sadly don’t have much time for social visits with friends these days. It was really getting me down, like I was failing at some sort of life balance, until I saw my friend admit that she, too, fights the same sort of battle. We may not have had time to commiserate over coffee, but I was able to read her words instead, during a few stolen minutes in the school pick up line. My virtual hand squeeze for the day, quietly telling me I’m not alone.

So keep writing, ladies; you just might pen the something that someone needed to read.

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