Hot Chocolate Mom: Adventures in Skiing

2015-02-14 12.22.44

My wife took me downhill skiing early in our relationship. Dear God, what an experience. As a child, a recurring nightmare of mine was falling backwards or downhill. So, you can imagine the outcome of that experience. As I tried to avoid the five hundred children between me and the bottom of the hill, I was in near panic. Who could enjoy the sensation of racing down…a hill…on top of snow? As I made it to the bottom of the ‘bunny hill’, the answer came in the form of the twenty smiling kids that passed me… at least twice. Clearly adults enjoy this sport, but the children gathered everywhere on the slopes were enjoying themselves.

It was officially decided in that moment, I would be the hot chocolate Mom. Whenever we started our family, I would be the parent waiting in the lounge with the hot chocolate and likely reading trash fiction. It took us ten years, but here I sit writing this blog waiting for Sharlene and the kids to finish skiing. I’m cold and a little cranky, but I wait with the opportunity to offer our kids hot chocolate on a break from skiing. I still don’t understand the appeal of downhill skiing, but I’m enjoying the frequent smiles from our children.

What an adventure! Gloves, hats, snowsuits, and helmets? The last is a bit concerning, but at least it’s protection. It took us over an hour to get out of the house and everyone was  already dressed. As we drove, I accurately guess that this ski adventure was exorbitantly priced. Sharlene looks a little pale listing the cost of rentals and the semi-private lessons. I try to look on the bright side.

  • Kids need lessons for their first time skiing, right?!
  • Of course we need private lessons, we have a child with special needs. That feels a little better to justify the cost.
  • Or…maybe they’ll discover a real talent for winter sports, start the journey to become a competitive athlete. This could lead to prime product endorsements and they will choose a career outside of social work. Which will lead them to exceed our income by the ripe age of twenty-five. Everyone needs a fantasy!

Ultimately, I found myself satisfied with the idea that our whole family was having a really cool Valentine’s Day and hopefully a treasured memory. I’m enjoying the role of hot chocolate Mom, if not the cold. Just as I consider checking on everyone, my family comes in for a break and another opportunity for some hot chocolate!

4 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate Mom: Adventures in Skiing

  1. I’m tellin’ ya… the hot chocolate position is a critical one to keep the whole dynamic flowing well. Next time, we’ll just score you the table near the fireplace!


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