For the Record


I love my record player. I’ve had my Panasonic dual-cassette turntable for probably about 25 (or more) years now. It’s covered in ridiculous stickers and sits on top of my dresser, tucked away in our closet / ironing / workout room. I’ve dragged it with me through all of my moves through my 20s, along with my modest record collection. I pick up records here and there when I see something I like, usually scoring them at tag sales and flea markets for super cheap.

I’m sure that there are plenty of people hanging on to their old turntables, but for those that haven’t, I’ve noticed that they have started to make a comeback. My husband went out and purchased one, and we started adding to our record collection again. And then we scored a third turntable for my daughter’s room — brand new in the box, portable, super cheap — just needed a needle. We’ve been replacing our 80s favorites, as well picking up some 70s stuff from when we were kids. We listen to entire albums … something that our shuffled music doesn’t allow for. And I forgot how much a child would like stuff like Karma Chameleon, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, and anything MJ. And nothing’s cooler to this cheapskate than buying 12 songs for the price of one iTunes song!

Spinning stories.
Spinning stories.

And then all of a sudden I remembered something that I couldn’t believe I forgot about for so many years: read along records! I don’t know about you, but I LOVED those things. We were able to score a slew of them off of eBay for really cheap and to my heart’s delight, my daughter loves them as well! This is a double win, because she’ll ask to sit on the couch and listen to one, turning the pages herself with every chime. And I’m always down with her having her own busy time when I have cleaning to do.

And now if CDs ever make a comeback, I’m ready for that too!

2 comments on “For the Record”

  1. What a great activity to share as a family. Anything involving music and family time is a win. We just uncovered our old vhs tapes. It’s hard trying to explain the previews are from 1994 to my seven year old.

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