How a “Parent Break” Affects Me


This past weekend my parents took our daughter, for not one, but two nights! It honestly, was wonderful, amazing and relaxing. The last time we had two days off was last September. Our marriage and sanity needed it. While our daughter isn’t that “needy” or “difficult,” it still is a lot of work being a parent and when you can take advantage of a break, I say – go for it!

Whenever I get a nice long break, I tend to realize things about myself that I overlooked or masked before. Here is my list of how having a “parent break” affects me.

– I see the small things in life and how meaningful they are. Saturday night was a snow storm and I laid on the couch, looking out our large window, staring at the snow coming down. It was honestly, so relaxing and peaceful

– I’m not such a bitch after all! Ha. It’s true. Being at home with the hubby alone allows me to unwind and de-stress. I can look back at how I acted the days prior and see that stress really can make someone overreact.

– I care about what I look like. When I got up both mornings, I changed into presentable clothing. Why? Well, my kid wasn’t home so I had some extra time. I felt better about myself.

– I learn more about my husband. We have time to talk, sit back and hear about what each other has to stay.

– I laugh more.

Luckily my daughter behaved so well that my parents may take her again this weekend (one night only – bummer, but I will take it!).

How does having a “parent break” affect you personally and your marriage?

6 comments on “How a “Parent Break” Affects Me”

  1. I think the breaks are the best, and most necessary, survival skill for us. The reunions are fantastic and playful and energetic. Absence does make the heart grow fonder (or at least give us enough time to forget a plethora of “sins.”) Yay for you both!!!

  2. Good for you, Melissa! This is so important, if you can swing it (not everyone has nearby caretakers whom they trust). At least try to do the babysitter/date night thing if you can. A mom who feels better about herself is a better mom!

  3. Once every few months, my husband will take my boys to his mother’s for a night and it is AH-MAZING. “Alone time” has always been SO important to me and since having kids, it’s pretty much non-existent. But it is oh so necessary and oh so good for my soul. And I have to say, my Hub and I are “pretty” good with making time for date nights with each other. I’d love to have more than just a few hours for a date, but hey, I’ll take what I can get now. 🙂

    1. HAHA Michelle– my thought too. I’ve had one childless night in almost 7 years lol. But…I do totally agree, Melissa, that this is a very VERY wise thing to do. And I need to work on that. Big time, apparently hahahahah

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