With Age, Comes Wisdom: Embracing the Art of Aging


It’s official! I am getting older. Those pesky grays are sneaking in quicker than before, and I am starting to notice a laugh line (or two). Even though I have been an adult for close to twenty years now (gasp), I have always been a big believer that age is a state of mind. And rather than dwelling on the negative parts of maturing, I am trying my very best to embrace it!


*I am learning to say no a whole lot more.

*I have chosen not to pursue certain paths that would have a negative impact on my family’s quality of life.

*I have learned to be kind to my body. It is by no means perfect, but it is strong and has given me two healthy pregnancies and two beautiful children.

*My memory is still sharp, but I am always amused and surprised when I hear myself say things like “When I was your age” and “Remember 20 years ago when that happened?” Yowza.

*I have come to the realization that I am an adult. Growing up I was always the baby of the family, but now I am the MOM. I am trying to embrace being the fun and funny mama.

*”Stay true to yourself” is not just something I ingrain into my children’s brains, it is my mantra. This gal does not have to impress anyone but herself anymore.

*As long as I am doing my best every day, that is enough.

*As long as no one is adversely affected, I am not obligated to do anything I don’t want to do.

*It has taken me years (and a few miserable experiences) to handle some of the toxic people in my life. The key is setting boundaries.

*I am human, I can’t do everything all at once. Especially in heels.


4 comments on “With Age, Comes Wisdom: Embracing the Art of Aging”

    1. I love saying it! And not just to my kids. Lol. It makes me feel like I am regaining control over my life and staying true to my priorities!

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