A Kick-Ass Connecticut 12-Year-Old Girl


When I saw that my Facebook friend Amy posted an article about a CT girl making waves at her middle school I had to click to read it. I absolutely love hearing stories about young people (especially young women) who raise their voices and stand up for their beliefs. Turns out the story was about Amy’s daughter and I knew instantly I wanted to share this story here on CT Working Moms.

Amy’s daughter, Bella, is 12 years old and goes to West Shore Middle School in Milford, CT. Bella was upset that her school was selectively telling girls that they can’t wear leggings when the school policy stated that students can’t wear spandex but not specifically leggings or yoga pants. She felt that it unfairly targeted girls and that only larger girls were being told their outfits were inappropriate (helloooo sexism & weightism). So what did this amazing young woman do? She decided to speak up and use her voice.

She first wrote the school, pointing out that the dress code policy does not specifically ban leggings and that many girls choose to wear them simply because they’re comfortable. She then decided to pick a day to peacefully protest by wearing leggings to school, and some her of friends ended up being pulled aside and told not to join her in her protest. She didn’t let that deter her and moved forward with her plan. Unfortunately mother nature interfered and she ended up with a snow day on her planned protest day.

But her efforts still paid off and the principal now allows girls at the school to wear leggings and yoga pants, as long as their shirts are a certain length. Bella received so much positive press about this and that really makes me smile. I hope to raise my daughter to be someone that speaks up when she sees something that doesn’t feel right to her and I have to give serious props to Amy, her mom, for supporting her daughter even though she could have ended up getting disciplined.  Now Bella knows that her voice does matter and that’s something that will hopefully stay with her forever.

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