Accidental Date Night

Alternate title, for all of you old school Charlie Brown fans- “Happiness is… when your child begs and pleads for a sleepover at Nonni & Poppy’s house.”  Because that is exactly what happened last weekend!  Jake had been begging, pleading, literally clasping his hands and BEGGING to have a sleepover at my parents’ house.  How could we deny him this one small favor?!  I mean, c’mon here, people- child is begging to leave our home for a 24 hour period which includes 8 hours of solid quiet sleep.  OMG Of COURSE you can!!!  My parents, were, obvs, very happy to oblige!  On their end, they were equally as thrilled- time to spoil the grandkids, go on day trips, and teach them the joys of rolling out dough, and making their own pizzas.  It was a super win win.

To the husband and I, it was like an embarrassment of riches- what were we to do?! Where would we go to dinner?  Walk through the mall just for shits and giggles? After dinner drinks? Or just throw caution into the wind and play everything by ear with NO SCHEDULES OR RESTRICTIONS????

Yep.  Livin’ the dream, people.  We dropped the kiddos off at my parents’ house after nap time on Saturday, and we were off!  Onward to our favorite eating establishment- Lenny & Joe’s!  We are pretty much permanent fixtures at Lenny & Joe’s in Westbrook during the summer, but we had been meaning to try out their new New Haven location, so that’s what we punched into the navigation system.  Our car ride consisted of uninterrupted adult conversation, and music with explicit lyrics piping through the Sirius radio station.  Already off to a good start.

We checked in, asking for a table overlooking the water.  There’s a 15 minute wait for that.  THAT’S OK!!! WE GOT ALL NIGHT!!  Like I said- livin’ the dream.  When we were seated, our table, a two seater right along the bar, and facing the harbor, we immediately ordered drinks, and played the, “Can we get a few minutes to look at the menu?” card.  This is something you just cannot do with kids- when you are carting around children to a restaurant, you have studied the menu ahead of time, on your iPhone in the car on the way to the restaurant- you know what you want, you know what they want, you order it as you are sitting down and buckling children into high chairs, and ask the wait staff to please bring out crayons.  You do not fool around with this sort of stuff.

But when you’re doing this song and dance sans kids, you take allllllll the time you need, my friend.  You ask for extra time.  You ask the wait staff questions about the menu.  You ask what wine pairs best with what fish.  Oh, it was AWESOME.  We ate, we drank, we had cheesecake, wine, and beer.  And it was FABULOUS.


Oh, the night was still young by the time we paid the check, so what did we do? Head over to IKEA, of course!  Translation= walking hand in hand through the furniture aisles, vanilla frozen yogurt cones, and lingonberry jam.  On the way back home we debated heading to the bar for drinks, but then wait for it- wait for it- we hit up Raymour and Flanigan!  Testing out mattresses!  This is real life, my friends.  Nothing like flopping around on mattresses half drunk.  (See previous comment above re: livin’ the dream).  So there was our accidental date night- totally relaxing, refreshing, and renewing.  Complete with adult conversation and responsible real life situations.  And it was FABULOUS.

And about the kids and Nonni & Poppy?  I think they had a pretty fabulous time, too.




3 thoughts on “Accidental Date Night

  1. This sounds GLORIOUS! Especially the IKEA part. I’m so envious! We have yet to have one of these evenings. And, oh! O’s lamb! I love!


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