Connecting with your Toddler

Lately I have been trying to improve my “connection with our three year old girl. Even though responsibilities at home can cloud quality time with her, I’m trying my hardest to work on connection. It yields so many positive, long lasting benefits. Earlier this year when I accepted the “connection challenge,” I researched for hours, how I can better connect with her. Here is my list that I’ve tailored to fit our family:

– Accept a child’s temperament. Each child is brought into this world with certain temperaments. A majority of children can fall into one of these four categories; easy-going, challenging, “slow-to-warm-up kids”, and mixed temperament kids. The main point to make here is that a strong connection with our child depends on how well we adjust to their personalities and how adaptable we are

– Quality time. I’ve learned that even an hour a day of undivided attention speaks volumes for her mood and our relationship. It doesn’t even have to be an hour, weeknights, I am lucky if we get in 30 minutes. Have fun, break the rules and enjoy each other’s company

– Be affectionate with your child. Snuggles and kisses are critical to their emotional development. It makes whatever argument you may have had with them earlier in the day seem. Within the comfort and security of your arms a child feels that relationships are secure, long lasting and loving.

– Show your child how to be tenacious. When we stick to something and remain persistent in the face of stress this is tenacity. Tenacity helps create a buoyant family dynamic, one that forms warmth with clear limits and realistic and constructive boundaries.

– Communicate. Talk with your child, learn about her day, tell her what you did at work and always say you love her. Talk with her about your feelings, your love for her and how much she means to you. I do this with my daughter and her face automatically lights up and I get the biggest of all hugs. It melts my heart.

So, those are my top five ways in which I’ve worked on connecting with my child. I am sure the manner in which we connect will change over time, but for right now this is what seems to be working.  I hope I can report more positive benefits in the months to come. What has worked for your family?


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