Mom Dates

One day in February I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, and happened to see a tweet from Another Mother Runner, the brainchild of Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea, two badass runner moms.  They have written three books focused on mother runners, and have built a dynamic empire of runner moms everywhere.  In a word? LOVE.  The tweet? Oh, NBD, just that the two of them were coming to Fleet Feet in West Hartford for a night of running talk, drinks, snacks, and FREE SWAG.  Oh, yeah, and HELLO! THEY ARE COMING TO CONNECTICUT!!  And, better still, they would be appearing at 7:00 p.m., which meant that I could still meet my Mom obligations of pick up at preschool, and have dinner prepared and eaten and still make it to the event in plenty of time. So, DUH, I immediately signed myself up.

After signing up, I thought, hmmmm… I think I know another runner momma that might like to come with me…  Would it be weird of me to um… ask her out on a mom date?  Our kids go to the same preschool, we’ve done the birthday party circuit together, and frankly, she’s totally my type- a runner, a no-nonsense mom, keeps it real with parenting, and we both love blue cheese dressing.  A match made in mom heaven.  So I sent her an e-mail.  And she said YES!

It’s not easy making mom friends- you go through this limbo when you start having kids.  You have single friends, married friends with kids, married friends with no kids, friends with kids that live in different towns…… It’s kind of hard to get a core group of mom friends with kids.  In the same town.  In the same grade.


So now you know how excited I was that she said YES!  And we carpooled!  I picked her up at her house, we talked the whole way to West Hartford, and we had. A. BLAST.  The Mother Runners were so much fun to be around- just being in their presence was exciting!  Fleet Feet was packed with mother runners, and the energy in the room was so uplifting.  We couldn’t have had a better night!  (Oh, and Dimity & Sarah each signed my book!) **SWOON**  I know. I’m fangirling hard here.  I just can’t help myself.  By the end of the night, Erin and I felt like we were practically Besties with them.  And to top it all off, we each left with an amazing swag bag from the Mother Runners.  Our mom date couldn’t have gone off any better.


Future Mom BFFs?

Our mom date went so well, actually, that we decided to let our families join in on the fun.  A few weeks later we all met up at our local pizza restaurant for a rousing evening of pizza, WINE, bread throwing, and yes, BLUE CHEESE DRESSING.

3 thoughts on “Mom Dates

  1. That’s awesome! I just scheduled my very first play date for my 2 year old with one of his daycare besties in a couple of weeks. Since my two best friends are both long distance, I admit that I’m kind of hoping that this mom and I hit it off and can plan mom dates like yours too. 🙂


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