Flashing before my eyes

I turn 40 in a few short days and it has hit me like the cliché ton of bricks people often talk about. Where did my life go? Not to sound overly dramatic, but honestly? It’s very likely that at least half of it is over. And, having had both parents die in their 40s, well, let’s just say it’s hard for me to believe I even have half left (as ridiculous as it is).

Forty, man. The last time I checked, I looked like this:

My very first Facebook profile picture.

And so while I’m in the middle of this tornado of realization that life indeed is fleeting (even my own) and everything does go by so fast, my youngest child turned four years old. I no longer have a baby or even a toddler anymore. I only have a preschooler for one more short year.

I just seriously don’t know how she sneak attack grew up on me.

I am so sad about all of this. I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want to let them GO. I want to pay attention and (eyeroll) SAVOR EVERY MOMENT.

Old Maid tournament!
Safety first. Especially at meal time.

But, of course, I won’t. I can’t. It’s not even possible to enjoy it all as it’s happening. Not all of it, anyway. I’ll never find a way to enjoy a bedtime standoff or a colossal potty accident or a tantrum of epic proportions. The same four year old who I am crying over didn’t sleep for the first two years of her life. I don’t miss that. At all. I’m human and I will miss things. I’m sad about it, but forgiving.

So, yeah. This is probably the most recent photo of the four of us I have. Only a year old! I’m calling it good!

In the meantime, I’m going to try to be present with these awesome girls of mine, this beautiful family I have and also try to pressure my husband into succumbing to my mid-life crisis: a dog.

HER NAME IS COCONUT. I need to have her. Don’t I?

3 thoughts on “Flashing before my eyes

  1. OMG, you HAVE to have that dog!!! I was going to comment on so many other things in this post but your future dog is totally distracting me! PLEASE get her!!! Gorgeousness right there! (and so are you btw!)


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