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Once again I’m taking the easy (but fun) way out of blogging today.  This post is an idea I stole from here .

Making: These cookies.  They are the best gluten free chocolate chip cookies around.

Yum! photo credit C. Fuss

Cooking:  As it gets hotter I try to cook as little as possible in the kitchen.  I’m looking forward to trying this marinade, I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Reading: Book club just finished reading The Girl on the Train.  I gotta admit, after all the hype this winter I was expecting a much better book.  I’m finishing up The Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjalian right now.  He is one of my favorite authors, but his books tend to be hit or miss.  This one started off VERY slow, but picked up by Part Three.  It is a novel based on the Armenian genocide, which happened 100 years ago but hardly anyone ever talks about. For that alone, it’s worth a read.

Wanting: to find a clutch or wristlet.  I carry around a big mom bag, but I’d love something for those times when I’m without kids that doesn’t scream I have kids!  Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Looking: forward to a summer girls trip I just finished planning. My two BFFLs and I are going to stay here overnight and I can’t wait.

Playing: lots of podcasts lately.  How did I miss Serial this past fall?!  I listened to it during my long runs while training for the Mystic Half Marathon and got instantly hooked.  I then started up with Undisclosed and am equally addicted.

Sewing: This used to be funny, but actually Honey bought me a sewing machine in the spring so now I’m motivated to actually learn how to use the darn thing.  I’ll report back on my progress.

Wishing: that the inaugural Mystic Half marathon wasn’t so hard.  I did it with minimal pain (see below), and I had fun, and I ran the hills which were all my goals.  But dammit that was a hard race.  My time wasn’t great but I ended with a smile on my face, and isn’t that always the goal?

photo credit C. Fuss

Loving: This poster.  Makes me laugh every time I see it. Think Honey would be ok with adding this to our house?

Hoping: that I didn’t do too much damage to my knee injury during my half.  About three weeks ago at the worst possible time in training for something to go wrong I most likely tore my meniscus.  I went to the chiropractor who got me in good enough shape to run the race, but yesterday I was hurting bad.  I went to the ortho yesterday and was actually diagnosed with an LCL tear.  So, no runs for me anytime soon.  Four weeks of rest (at least).  Thankfully my injury is most likely non-surgical.

Smelling: I wish I was still smelling lilacs.  They are my favorite flower but the season is just too short.  I did send Honey out to the trees we have in our yard to cut some for the dining table when they were blooming.  They are without a doubt my favorite thing about spring.

Photo credit C. Fuss

Wearing: These shorts.  I won’t admit to how often I’ve worn them since I bought them (cough: daily), but they’re perfect.  Perfect rise (read: covers the muffin top), perfect amount of stretch.  I ordered a size up from my regular because apparently Target only makes clothes for people who haven’t reached middle age.



Bookmarking: lots of pages about upper body and core exercises.  No runs doesn’t mean no working out for this gal.

Thanking: all my wonderful colleagues I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the last 9 years.  Friday we’ll be going out to celebrate with a little happy hour and I can’t wait.



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  1. I was looking for a new book to read, so Sandcastle Girls it is. I love lilacs, but where are they? I grew up in NH and they are everywhere up there, but they seem sparse in CT.

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