Dragons Love Parties

Get ready, folks. I’m about to plan another goodie bagless birthday party! We decided this year to take it a step further. Olivia will be six and I feel like she’s old enough to get this concept (I would credit who I heard it from, but school ends next week and Dunk-a-Teacher is tomorrow, and today was Bring a Magic Trick, and there are class parties and half days and I just don’t remember anything right now.), so I threw it out to her: We could either have a big party for all of her school friends and rent a giant bounce house (which is still her preferred method of partying) or we could have a small family party and use the money we would have spent on the big party to buy her a larger, meaningful gift. If I’m honest, I can’t even remember the last time we bought her an actual birthday gift. Every year when I’m eyeing what we spent on the party (even WITHOUT goodie bags), I’m like, DAYUM, KID. THIS IS YOUR GIFT. BYE.

And that’s fine, if that’s what she wants. It’s her birthday, so this year I let her choose. And she chose the small family party and a larger gift with one caveat: she wants a dragon themed party. DONE AND DONE, MY GIRL.

Except, get this: all dragon themed parties are either: 1) How to Train Your Dragon themed 2) Dragons Love Tacos themed (which would be EPIC, but Olivia doesn’t eat tacos. I know. I don’t get it either.) and, perhaps most annoying of all, 3) FOR BOYS.

If you don’t have this book, get your buns over to Amazon right now and order it.

My girl loves to play knights and dragons and she loves sports and she loves pink. She wants a girl dragon party. And do you know I could only find one single girly knight/dragon invitation in ALL OF ETSY?!?!?! Oh, there were plenty of girls on the dragon invitations. But they were all princesses needing to be saved by knights. Eff that.

Dear Sweet Milk Prints, I love you.

So, I will get crafty this year. And I will make Olivia the best dragon party that I can even dream up because even on Pinterest, the pickins? They are slim. I’m actually pretty excited about it. Get ready, family. It’s gettin’ hot in herrrrrr.

7 thoughts on “Dragons Love Parties

  1. You made this sound like so much fun, I almost forgot how much I loathe kids’ birthday parties! Don’t forget to sing “Puff the Magic Dragon”!!


  2. Pretty sure Young House Love did a low-key dragon party for their daughter a few years ago. Their website is defunct but you can still search their archives. Good luck!


  3. How awesome! Last year, we had a Dragon themed party for my two – we got these adorable dragon tails that my kids wore throughout the party. So fun! Enjoy!!!


  4. I love this and can’t wait to see/read about how it goes! You should do a blog post with photos post party so other parents can see what you did! #girlslovedragonstoo


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