Life, in Pictures

My homegirl, Mary Grace, had a great post up yesterday about texting– it’s our new lifeline- whether you like it or not, texting is here to stay, and it’s only gonna get bigger, IMO.  (In my opinion).  We just came off of another Legislative Session at the Capitol in Hartford, and, like Mary Grace, I had some late crazy nights, where my only connection to my family, and the outside world, for that matter, was through texting.  So, for your viewing pleasure, I would like to show you a condensed version of what my life looked like during those busy weeks full of late nights at work- all in pictures.  My little life story during session!

Pictures of my loving family during the bath time routine- oh how I missed those bubble baths and clean-smelling children every night!

mike liv


The pre-bedtime routine of cartoon watching.  These little people… I missed those snuggles SO BAD!!!

liv jake


Oh, look! Here’s my dinner at my desk!  Normally I’d kill for a delicious chicken Caesar salad and glass of Pinot Grigio, but wolfing it down at my desk in case one of my bills is due up in the House Chamber?  Talk about agida in the making!



Every night Mike and the kids would facetime with me.  It was the BEST.  I would walk around the Capitol showing them landmarks.  This, my friends, is a cannon ball stuck in a tree.  Shot there by a real live cannon!  Of course this was my son, Jake’s, favorite thing of all.



Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention I met American Idol Winner, and Connecticut Superstar, Nick Fradiani!?  SWOON!



Mary Grace and I had one super productive late night together- oh, around midnight while we were watching the debate in the House gallery we came upon this fabulous online store- Bow & Drape.  They custom make amazing and on point sequin shirts.  We ordered a matching set of Mom Hair Don’t Care long sleeve tees.  They will arrive soon, and will be as amazing as they look.



Finally, one of the last late nights of Session- a view of the beautiful House Chamber!  I legitimately love this building, I consider myself pretty lucky to call this my office!



5 thoughts on “Life, in Pictures

  1. What beautiful pictures! Great idea about face timing all the beautiful sites! Will have to do that next session with the kiddos! I love love love our new shirts! And thank God for our late night texts! Love ya girl!


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