10 Reasons Why Dads Are The Best


1. Dads will help you build intricate castles out of wooden blocks.

photo 1

2. Dads will let you decorate the dog’s kennel.

photo 2

3. Dads will let you pose them for photoshoots with stuffed animals.


4. Dads will make you towel skirts.


5. Dads will take you to all your violin lessons and handle all the practicing.

5-22-15 NH Fiddlers

6. Dads will suit up and take you out to play in the snow when it’s way too cold for mom to go out.

1-16-13 Snow Play w Daddy

7. Dads are always willing to share their pillows.

2-16-13 Dad and girls

8. Dads will take you down that slide that you’re just too scared to go on alone.

8-30-14 Farm Day Slide S and Dad

9. Dads are always up for a nap.

nap with daddy

10. Dads will teach you to hula hoop.

11-22-12 Daddy Hula Hooping

Around these parts, dad is the tickle monster, the one that swings them up-a-side down and the one who shares his love of music. He wipes noses and bottoms. He holds hands and hair. There’s nothing I love more than seeing my children snuggled up with their dad. My most precious gifts in life wrapped up in each other. Happy Belated Fathers’ Day to the father of my baby girls.


3 comments on “10 Reasons Why Dads Are The Best”

  1. Love this and love the pictures! And YES! For whatever reason, my husband is just way more OK with going out in the snow with my daughter. (Hallelujah.)

  2. So sweet! I am constantly impressed with my husband as a father. He does stuff with our daughter that I never would have imagined! Dads are pretty incredible!

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