To the Women Who Made Me Who I am Today

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It takes a village, right?  I’ve been thinking lately of how different people shape who you are.  Specifically, the women in my life – family, friends, former friends, colleagues… everyone’s had a role to play.  So here’s to them.

…to the woman who gave me life and put up with 35 years of my nonsense
…to the one who gave her life, whose face I see in my daughter’s every day
…to the one who taught me how to read the word “island” as a 6-year old
…who taught me how to love
…who showed me that sometimes you just have to throw your whole self into something to feel like you’ve really lived
…who taught me that sometimes it’s not about me
…who introduced me to a great bottle of wine
…who laugh with me on a daily basis
…who first opened the door for me to the corporate world
…who recognized my potential
…who made me face a fear
…who made me question everything I thought I knew
…who helped me figure out what size looks best on me
…who showed me what true friendship is
…who showed me what regret feels like
…who pushed me to get my graduate degree
…who walk with me on this “special needs” journey and just… get it
And to the girl who made me a mom and at the same time, taught me about unconditional love.


Cheers, ladies.  xo

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