My Mom Loves Piles: a photo essay

Hi everybody, Kitten here.  My mom is away today at the 2Moms on a Mission presents Glennon Melton event (that I’m sure someone else’s mom is going to recap here soon) so she let me take over her blog post.  I’m sure you’re thinking, what 4 year old can write? But if Honest Toddler can do it, why can’t I?

Last week my mom spent two days throwing away all the good stuff my sister and I have been hoarding in the family room and in our bedrooms.  You know: candy wrappers, goodie bag trinkets, twisted slinkys, dolls with one leg.  Mama was proud of herself because she knew you other moms would think it was so great that she purged all our treasures.  She even took pictures after she was done.

Well, I’m here to tell you that my mom’s got plenty of stuff piling around in the house that makes our stuff look like a museum.  I’m guessing she wouldn’t want me to show you the pictures I took of all the junk lying around, but I did it anyway.  After all, she said I could write about whatever I wanted.  Take a look at all this stuff.

I do believe you’ve seen this pile before in another post

My friends’ moms like piles too, so I got them to send me some pictures for proof.  I think it’s like this in all houses.  Those moms sure do love their piles.

It’s so unfair.  They throw away all our best belongings, why do they get to keep theirs all over the house like this?  I think we kids should revolt and throw away all the mommy piles!

What?  You mean some of the stuff in those piles is our stuff too?  That can’t be.  You mean we’d have to help mommy clean the house to get rid of her junk?  That sounds like too much work.

Now that I think of it, it is a lot easier to play with my toys since mommy got rid of some of the stuff I wasn’t using.  Maybe I should let her keep her piles.


Cora’s note:  Thanks to all the moms who volunteered to put their piles out there for all to see.  (Sarah, Gena, Sara, Elise, and Tara) Thanks also to my friends Chris, Michele, and Jess who encouraged me to do another addition of this post that seemed to resonate with so many people.  No judgement, we’re all in this together.  Being a parent is hard work and at the end of the day if you’ve got piles of crap (or mail and laundry) and happy, well-adjusted kids you can put one in the win column.

Photos 1-9 photo credit C. Fuss, all other photos credit CT Working Moms.

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