Free Fun on a Rainy Day


We had some big plans for Sunday.  They involved a big family-size inflatable pool, hot dogs, and a fire pit with S’mores.  Mother Nature, however, had others.  Instead of the hot and steamy afternoon in the pool, we were met with a soggy and pretty chilly day that we would have to turn around.  We quickly took a little detour and brought the whole family to Cabela’s, of all places!

Have you ever been?

I may have blogged about this before, so stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but, man, Cabela’s is a treasure trove of fun for little kids!  They have an aquarium in the middle of the store.  A legit aquarium!  There are displays through out the store, a wildlife museum, and oh, did I mention an aquarium??


The kids played in the tents, paddled in a kayak, and climbed up and down the tiny rock mountain in the shoe department.  A good hour of playing, watching, and sight seeing and we were ready for lunch!

Normally we walk around and browse the displays for an hour and then head upstairs for lunch at their little food court, but on Sunday it was a little crowded, so we headed up a few miles on 91 North to The Cracker Barrel.

Cost of the day? Lunch at a very kid-friendly restaurant, which, makes it a very parent-friendly restaurant!

One thought on “Free Fun on a Rainy Day

  1. Great idea for a rainy day! And we love cracker barrell too, chicken dumplings are the bomb! I cant believe how long olivia’s hair has gotten. Too cute


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