Life Lessons Learned From the Stomach Bug

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Sorry, gross topic here, but our little family got slammed by the evil bug on the Fourth of July.  We had our own set of fireworks bursting every few hours for about eight days straight.  It.was.awful.  And hello, the flu in July?!?!  We were so lucky all year.  But hey, that’s life.  Kids were not meant to be raised in bubbles. And you know you get to learn some good parenting lessons along the barfy path of life like:

*The sanitary setting on washing machines were specifically created for families with small children.

*Never take a simple outing like a trip to the park for granted again.  Heck, even going for a short walk without carrying barf bowls around is pretty fantastic.

*Access to a variety of safe and healthy food is truly a blessing.  When all you have lived on for a week are toast and bananas, food is miraculous.

*Some of the best and most hilarious conversations can be had with a five year old delirious with a fever. They are sweet and caring in this state and have no energy for sass talk or fighting with you over what outfit they are going to wear that day.

I just want to kiss this sweet, sickie face – but not without a face mask!

*Every wince, whine, and whimper elicits sympathy, not annoyance.  It is so hard to see little ones suffer so much.

*It is amazing how resilient kids can be.  They can go from really sick to better in a short time.  Which can leave parents feeling drained and exhausted.

*Having two kids sick at the same time is a true test of one’s stamina.

*Living in your pajamas for a week is pretty awesome.

*When your kids get so sick, you spend your week living in fear when and who it will strike next.  This was my arsenal of remedies in trying to fend off the Peak Family Plague of 2015:


*Disclaimer – I am by no means a physician, just a clueless mom who scours the internet and seeks the advice of friends far more knowledgeable than she when it comes to minor illnesses, because I hate vomiting.  So this may not work for everyone, just sharing what I have learned.

1. Apple cider vinegar – Once you have already gotten the dreaded bug, there is pretty much nothing you can do, but if you have been exposed and not yet symptomatic, try drinking ACV.  Just add 1-2 teaspoons to a full glass of water. You can sweeten with honey but I like the tangy-ness of it. Any germ or bug thrives in an acidic body, but drinking this gets your body into an alkaline state and helps you fight this vile illness off.  I was basically downing this two to three times  for days straight, or any time I heard a gurgling in my tummy.  Gag.

2. Pascalite – I came across this when my daughter had her first tummy bug a couple days before Christmas Eve and we were hosting Christmas and we were desperate and willing to try anything.  But I digress. Pascalite Clay was discovered in the early 1930’s in Wyoming, and is known as a powerful detoxifying agent that safely absorbs the toxins in your system. You can mix with water any time you experience gastrointestinal issues, it tastes like sandy chalk (gag), but I think it helps.  It even can be used externally as a poultice when mixed with some coconut oil for very bad diaper rash or other skin ailments.

3. The strongest probiotic you can find – take it often and obsessively!

4. Vitamin C – has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties and keeps the virus from getting worse.

Anything I am missing?  Would love to learn about some more remedies.

*And finally, the biggest lesson I have taken from all this is to treasure each and every average, boring, normal day. When your family is healthy, that is the GREATEST gift of all.

Recovered and back to their old shenanigans.
Recovered and back to their old shenanigans.

Wishing you all a safe, happy and HEALTHY summer!